Bad weather won a highly anticipated nine-hole match that could have determined the regular season standings and hierarchy in the Liberty District.

Most players from the Langley Saxons, McLean Highlanders and Yorktown Patriots were already on the course at Arlington’s Washington Golf & Country Club last week when a persistent thunderstorm postponed play to another day.

Players on the course marked the location of their ball. It was later decided that whenever the match is made up, it will start over from the beginning. Play will not resume from the time the postponement occurred.

Langley, McLean and Yorktown are the top three teams in the district, with the defending champions Saxons considered the favorites. The Saxons are also the defending district, region and state tournament champions. Yorktown finished second in the district and area last fall and qualified for the state.

“All three teams are very good and were looking forward to this game. That would have determined a lot,” said Yorktown coach Chris Williams. “Our players were really motivated for the match. They then believe they can push Langley here.

Yorktown was 5-0 in doubles entering the competition.

Langley’s top players – Chase Nevins, Alina Ho, Pierce Hokenson, Teddy Kim and Audrey Yim – were taking part in the game. Most of them missed high school tournaments at the start of the season because they were playing in other junior tournaments.

Benjamin Newfield, Kyle Langley and Trevor McAndrews led Yorktown. Max Vadas and Max Irish were on McLean’s course.

Teams were also happy to play Washington Golf, which is the home course for some Patriots games.

The Langley and McLean teams don’t play there very often.

“Hopefully we can reschedule to play Washington Golf again,” Williams said.