LAHORE: The 2022 PGA Inter Club Punjab Golf Championship, hosted by the Punjab Golf Association, ended here on Sunday at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

The two days of rivalry-laden golf clashes involved 20 member teams from Lahore Gymkhana, Defense Raya Golf Club, Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Club and Rawalpindi Golf Club.

According to the format of the competition, each club team consisted of four amateur golfers, four senior amateurs, three ladies, three girls under 21, three boys belonging to the 15-18 age group and three boys aged 15 years and under.

This mix of teams represented an unusual combination and the clubs had to initiate and implement a selection process which paved the way for bringing forward players of merit, particularly in the junior girls and junior boys categories. Diligent efforts on the part of golf clubs have produced talented youngsters who are likely to emerge as champions of the future.

The flow of competitive play in the two rounds of this championship has been aligned by the players of the Lahore Garrison team so that they appear as the dominant in this encounter of glory and achievement. Their combination of four amateurs, four senior amateurs and three ladies played wonderfully well and completely beat their opponents from Lahore Gymkhana, Defense Raya and Rawalpindi.

In total, Lahore Garrison amateurs Damil Ataullah, Ahmed Sultan Kayani, Nouman Ilyas and Captain Zainur Rehman, managed a team score of 461 which was similar to the score achieved by Gymkhana amateurs while Raya Defense had a score of 485 and Rawalpindi had 504. Regarding the contribution of senior amateurs, Col Ikram, Tariq Mehmood, Col Muhammed Shafi and Col Raja Asif Mehdi of Lahore Garrison, their overall score was 488 while senior Rawalpindi totaled 493, senior Gymkhana totaled 518 and Raya compiled 541. As for the ladies, the team Lahore Garrison members Suneya Osama, Zahida Durrani and Ghazala Yasmin totaled 322 against Defense Raya’s 368, Gymkhana 407 and also 407 Rawalpindi.

In this way, the efforts of Lahore Garrison Amateurs, Senior Amateurs and Ladies gave a huge edge in their quest for honors by providing a huge stroke advantage over the other competing teams.

Overall, Lahore Garrison Greens team claimed victory by aggregating a team score of 2342 and was declared the Punjab Province Club Champions for 2022. The runners-up team was Defense Raya with a team score of 2342. team of 2403 and lost to Lahore Garrison by a margin of 61 strokes.

At the end of the PGA Inter-Club Golf Competition, Brig (r) Shahid Wahab Rao, former secretary of the Punjab Golf Association, presented the champion team trophy to the Garrison Golf Team and to its captain, Colonel (r) Asif Mehdi, as well as a check for Rs500. ,000 and gold medals to team members. The grand ceremony was attended by Dr. Asma Shami, Minaa Zainab, PGA Executive Committee, PGA’s Muhammed Zakir and participating players.