Take inspiration from this range of gifts for golf enthusiasts.


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The golf course is far from the holiday atmosphere. A player standing in the teeing area or standing in line for a putt on the 18th green wants nothing to do with chestnuts, snowmen or Christmas carols.

Nonetheless, since a visit from Santa isn’t prohibited by USGA rules, if you are late giving your golf enthusiast these premium gifts are more than welcome.

PXG 0211 Z Golf Clubs – US $ 1,695: PXG, based in Scottsdale, manufactures some of the finest and most expensive golf clubs in North America. As a result, the golf world views the brand as the one realm of the experienced and dedicated golfer whose developed game (and mature bank account) makes a PXG club set a badge of honor.

Now, in a bold move for the 2022 golf season, PXG has launched the 0211 Z clubs as an entry-level set for beginners or high handicap players. While the pre-existing PXG lines are aimed at precision play for golfers who tailor their clubs to their games, the 0211 Z collection is all about “easy play”. Beautifully forged from carbon fiber, everything about the Z design focuses on reassuring balance and making the ball fly comfortably.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series – US $ 335: The dedicated traveling golfer lives with the drudgery of dragging his duffel bag through airports and to his resort. The designers at Sun Mountain realized that all they needed to make this golf case more maneuverable was to add two wheels. The ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Club Travel Protector features a two-wheeled metal shelf that slides out of the bag and snaps into place, creating a four-wheeled cart that moves to and from the baggage counter as easily as anything. other baggage. The ClubGlider is designed to accommodate Sun Mountain’s line of lightweight golf bags, but the case works with any brand.

Rain or Shine Golf Skytrak Swingbay Simulator – US $ 9,400: The training tools, launch trackers and simulators for sale at Rain or Shine provide game improvement and practice options for players with different skill levels and budgets. With an MSRP of just under US $ 10,000, the Rain or Shine Golf Skytrak Swingbay Simulator is a professional-level training and training environment capable of recreating the world’s best golf courses or delivering drills to improve golf courses. swing skills. Fully equipped, the Skytrak Swingbay includes the SkyTrak app and game enhancement software, a hitting box, screen, net, golf simulation gaming laptop, golf mat and short projector. Optoma 1080p HD focal length.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder – US $ 399: The laser range finder is a high-tech golf tool that is becoming an increasingly essential ingredient in any amateur’s bag. The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift rangefinder incorporates artificial intelligence integrating distance reading and terrain analysis to calculate the precise length to the flag. By incorporating slope readings into its instant math, the Tour V5 takes the guesswork out of club selection.

In addition to making this new rangefinder smarter, Bushnell also improved the optics of the device, added integration with a free golf enhancement app, and built in a magnet to attach the rangefinder to any golf cart. golf.

GolfForever Swing Coach – US $ 199: Golf must have more gadgets and player improvement programs than any other sport because the game is proving to be extremely difficult and woefully addicting for amateurs and professionals alike. Most of these gadgets end up in player closets and fade from the market, but the GolfForever Swing Trainer comes with a comprehensive player fitness and advancement program that offers a holistic approach to playing golf better.

On its own, the Swing Trainer improves the strength, balance, flexibility and release of the club with a weighted bar and a series of targeted exercises. However, if the player signs up for the GolfForever US $ 200 per year subscription service, they receive training and playing advice from experts like 12-time PGA winner Justin Leonard.

True Spec Golf Club Fit – US $ 5,000: With locations across the United States, True Spec provides the serious player with a comprehensive, detail-oriented, technology-driven club fitting experience that results in gear handcrafted specifically for the customer. Using launch simulators and trackers that monitor swing speed, spin speed, clubface angle, and other key elements of the swing, True Spec adaptation experts tailor the physiognomy and abilities from a player to the best club brands in the game. During the adjustment process, the golfer can take five to enjoy everything from a few fingers of fine whiskey to a brimming handful of Red Vine licorice.

Costs vary to fit everything from drivers and putters to complete sets, but True Spec offers gift cards for generous friends and family to give a loved one the unique chance to own golf clubs. perfectly matched.

Honma T // World W21 Wedge – US $ 165: Japanese company Honma Golf designs and manufactures elite golf clubs up to five figures for some complete sets. Using carbon fiber, forged metals and forgiving club designs, Honma clubs are well established as symbols of luxury.

The latest brand additions are the new T // World W21 Wedges, incredibly attractive short game guns under US $ 200 each to allow more golfers to add an Honma product to their bags. By adding a nickel and chrome finish to the eyes and an exclusive milling pattern on the face for touch, Honma brings the W21 to players with a golf goal in mind.