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Local golfers compete at the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cup Final

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Five weeks ago, eight women in northern Nevada had their lives changed.

Meet the High Desert Wedge Warriors – a group of amateur golfers from Reno’s LPGA Chapter. They all came together to form a team, a feat in itself, to compete in the Western Qualifier at Red Hawk Golf and Resort.

In their first season together, the women shot Sparks pretty well.

“They’re all sitting there at the table like ‘woah’ and I’m like ‘what?’ and they say ‘we qualified, we qualified’,” said team captain Donna Clark.

By finishing one berth over the cut line, the ladies secured a spot at the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cup Finals near Austin, Texas this weekend. The Wedge Warriors were the only Nevada team to qualify.

“We made a commitment that day (after getting an offer) to stay together,” said team member Ida Centoni Montgomery. “There is always a way if you are engaged. It was a great team building exercise. It’s going to be a magical week. We are excited to represent Reno and Northern Nevada.

The Wedge Warriors are currently in Texas. They will be joined by 49 other teams and will face hundreds of other women.

The local ladies have played round after round on courses all over our region since arriving in Red Hawk to acquire enough skills to rank well.

“Most girls…once they have a competitive thought process, they all play better golf,” Centoni Montgomery said. “We’re just going to keep it going.”

If you would like to support the women on their journey, you can contact Centoni Montgomery at [email protected], call 530-718-0005, or donate to their GoFundMe.