Lockerbie Golf Club management must take action quickly if they are to remain at their current location.

The Dumfries and Galloway board gave the club a 12-month lease termination notice last December, which has now expired.

The club have the option of negotiating a new rental agreement with the city council and want to do so, but that is not over yet.

The current lease expires on May 14, 2022, leaving less than five months to spare, but club officials said this week they were “confident everything would be sorted out on time.”

The issue was discussed Tuesday at the Lockerbie and Lochmaben pooled fund subcommittee of the council.

A report from Annandale North Parish Council Officer Steven Wylie explained that he had met with club officials on April 27 and June 15 of this year to discuss the termination notice.

He wrote: “The club have made it known that they want to find a resolution and submit a proposal for a new lease in the future.

“Support and advice was provided to Lockerbie Golf Club regarding the submission of their proposal.

“This has included providing advice on developing a business plan, the club’s longer term future, sustainability, reducing their arrears, community consultation and fundraising opportunities. “

Further advice was provided regarding the option of a community asset transfer and how a business plan should be developed.

However, it appears that little movement has taken place since then.

The board report states: “Further communication was established with the club on August 4, 2021, requesting an update on progress.

“The club responded by indicating that their members were fully aware of the situation and what needs to be achieved, that they had started the process of preparing a business plan and had met with Castlemilk (Estate) regarding the payment. rent arrears and negotiating a contract plus realistic rental figure in the future.

“The club further indicated that a mix of vacation, good weather and visitors to the course was slowing progress with a proposal.”

A Lockerbie Golf Club spokesperson said: “The lease will be extended. We are working on plans and are in communication with the board at this time. We don’t expect there to be any problems.

“We are confident this will be resolved in time. We worked on plans and chatted with Steven Wylie.

“We will come up with a proposal and I hope the board accepts it.”