Worth the Drive is a nine-part series featuring courses across the Commonwealth that you should visit this summer. Each course is public, so enjoy visiting Massachusetts’ top golf destinations and trying them out for yourself.

There is no recipe for a good golf course like a prime location, an accomplished course designer and a course full of character.

The George Wright Golf Course in Hyde Park, inside Boston city limits, hits the trifecta.

A Donald Ross design, George Wright was built in 1938, and rose to fame and fell to fame in its interesting history.

Over the past two decades, the course has once again risen to prominence as one of the top public tracks in the state.

From the moment you approach the all-brick clubhouse, the course feels like something special. The building is spectacular, and so is what lies behind.

George Wright is a triumph in maximizing space. Although the course is short, elevation changes lengthen the course considerably, allowing it to host several Massachusetts and United States amateur events in recent years.

For the less seasoned hand, you’ll appreciate that for all the uphill and downhill lies you’ll find, the ball will rarely be above or below your feet.

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The greens are surprisingly pristine enough to attract the attention of even the most inexperienced player.

Challenging enough for low handicaps, but forgiving enough for high handicaps, George Wright perfectly toes the line needed to invite all manner of players.

Every hole on the property has something to like, but below are the ones that will stand out the most.

The 17th hole at George Wright.

Best Par 3: Hole 17

Relatively simple, but absolutely beautiful. The 17th is a beautiful golf hole from start to finish.

From the elevated tee boxes, shaded by an overhanging oak tree, to the exposed rock along the hole, to the elevated green with dueling bunkers in front, it’s scene perfect.

It may look like the tee shot is downhill here, but the green is close to tee level so the hole is true to distance.

The 12th hole at George Wright.

Best Par 4: Hole 12

The beauty of the 12 is truly striking when you turn around to look down the fairway once you have completed the hole.

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A winding fairway descends to the green on this par 4, which begins with a blind tee shot.

While not particularly long, you’ll likely encounter a downhill lie on the approach, which will add a bit of extra thought to your shot.

The 3rd hole at George Wright.

Best Par 5: Hole 3

It’s something of a draw considering there are only two par 5s on the property, both of which are relatively unspectacular.

Where the 3rd hole succeeds, however, is in giving you a taste of all that awaits.

Narrow windows off the tee, demanding shot shaping and significant elevation changes.

A hard to reach green in two is not the typical opportunity for an early round birdie.

The 13th hole at George Wright.

Signature hole: Hole 13

By far the most visually pleasing hole on the course.

A small pond is in front of the tee box on the right; probably not in-game, although distracting enough to make you tighten your grip a bit.

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A cattail-covered creek runs down the entire left side of the fairway, adding demand to your tee shot.

The green is very slightly elevated and guarded on each side by bunkers.

Check out the gallery below for a detailed hole-by-hole breakdown of Black Swan Country Club.


Much of the course’s facilities are contained within the lavish brick clubhouse.

There’s a reception hall, cozy bar and dining area, and a back patio perfect for a post-round beer or snack.

George Wright's clubhouse and first tee.

For pre-round work, there is a putting green and chipping area near the 18th green.

Where the club is lacking, however, is in the absence of a driving range. Considering you won’t be able to swing until the round, you’ll be grateful for the two wide, open fairways on the first two holes.

The 6th hole at George Wright.


George Wright is very affordable, especially considering the quality of the course.

For a weekend run of 18, it will cost you $57 plus an additional $20 to ride. Nine holes are $35 with a $13 cart fee.

Monday through Thursday, the course can be played at a rate of $50 for 18, $30 for nine.

There are no sunset rates, so get out when you can.

City residents also get $9 off weekdays and $7 off weekends.

The 13th hole at George Wright.

Worth the Drive Factor

The quality of the course is indisputable. If you haven’t been on the property since the city took over operations in 2004, you must file your declaration.

Restored to its former glory, George Wright is both thought-provoking and picturesque.

Being inside the city is a huge point of attraction. If you’re already heading to town, why not throw the sticks out the back and save yourself some time for a game?

It’s not the oldest or most prestigious course in the area, but there is an inexplicable air to the property that you sense as you walk through the clubhouse.