By Charwayne Walker in association with Brian Hackett

and the Golf of Lusignan

A Lusignan golf team led by Jerry Man-Son-Hing easily disposed of an invasion from Suriname when the visitors came to Guyana for their annual golf clash in 1974.

The Guyanese also beat their opponents in a tight match.

The departure began amid mild disappointment for the Guyanese players as Mackenzie’s guest players were not on time and had to be removed from the original squad. However, they arrived about 45 minutes late and were unable to play.

The weather was fine and the greens and fairways fast and in the first half of the men’s tournament the Lusignan team won easily, 25-6.

The second half which was played on another day saw the Surinamese put on a better show going under 18-13.

Previously, the Guyanese maintained their winning streak by beating their Suriname counterparts 14-12.

The best run of the competition, however, was by T:Pieper of Suriname who had a handicap of 33 and broke the course record with a net of 59.

The victories gave the Lusignan men’s team the Lions and FMP trophies while the women won the Witngaarole Trophy.

The trophies were presented by the wife of the Dutch ambassador Mrs. Witngaarole to Man-Son-Hing, captain of the Lusignan team. The Suriname team was led by Marcel Chelhin.