COUNCIL planners said discussions over whether GP surgeries would move to a proposed health center planned at the golf course site are only at the start.

Residents raised their concerns during a virtual consultation event on the South West Maidenhead development site they may need to travel further to see a doctor.

Potential plans could include the NHS closing existing doctors’ surgeries in the city center and moving them to a single location, known as the Health Centre, at the Maidenhead Golf site, which is intended for more than 2,000 households.

Ian Manktelow, senior planning policy officer, said it was ‘early’ to confirm this relocation will take place as the Royal Borough is still in discussion with the NHS and clinical commissioning group over what could be the best solution.

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He said: ‘I think what we don’t want to do as a planning authority is prescribe a healthcare solution. It’s really important that the experts finally say what works best in this part of Maidenhead.

“So we’re really open to alternatives that involve either relocating medical practices or setting up a medical practice that primarily caters to the needs of the development and perhaps the immediate surrounding areas.”

But should plans be presented, GPs and the NHS will conduct a public consultation to gather the views of patients and residents.

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Meanwhile, planning consultant Ian Gillespie said they are seeing a national trend of GP practices moving to a health center with a wider range of services within those facilities.

The council is still in consultation on the South West Maidenhead Supplementary Planning Document which will provide further advice and information on future planning applications to the site.

Residents have until August 17 to speak out.