Nov. 12 – A Santa Fe man arrested Thursday night was suspected of robbing a Subway sandwich shop with a golf club.

Joe Quintana, 40, was charged with armed robbery; aggravated assault; tampering with evidence; concealment of identity; and two counts of resisting, evading or obstructing an officer, according to online court records.

Santa Fe Police Lt. Heinz DeLuca said Quintana entered the restaurant at Plaza Entrada, at the corner of St. Francis Drive and W. Zia Road, around 6:45 p.m. armed with a club of golf. He added that an employee was present during the theft and said he did not know if there were any customers inside the store.

“Mr. Quintana came in and demanded the money…and he was waving the golf club in a threatening manner,” DeLuca said.

The clerk ran and hid inside the restaurant’s freezer before Quintana jumped over the counter and smashed the cash register with the golf club and fled with the cash drawer, said DeLuca.

He added that approximately $105 in cash was stolen and the value of the cash drawer was approximately $100.

Officers reviewed CCTV footage from the subway soon after and noted that the suspect was wearing a brown hoodie over a dark gray sweater, DeLuca said.

About half an hour later, officers spotted a man carrying a golf club that matched the suspect’s description near the Walgreens at 525 W. Zia Road. DeLuca said the suspect fled from police. He was eventually arrested after a sergeant shot him with a stun gun.

“He made a partial confession [to officers]”, DeLuca said. “He said something like, ‘I did something stupid on the subway.’ “

However, DeLuca said the man stopped cooperating and falsely identified himself as “Daniel Quintana”.

He added that Quintana was found with around $14; the police did not recover the cash drawer or the full amount of money stolen from the Subway.

Quintana was taken to an area hospital before being booked into the Santa Fe County Jail at 10:52 p.m. DeLuca said corrections officers identified him based on his previous incarcerations.

“Correction officers knew him very well,” DeLuca said. “They looked at the guy [and said], ‘Oh it’s Joe. Joe Quintana.’ “

Quintana had an active warrant for his arrest Thursday after he failed to appear for a hearing in Sandoval County Magistrates Court on Oct. 31, according to online court records.