Golfer Paige Spiranac, who has 3.4 million Instagram followers, has been crowned the ‘sexiest woman alive’ and posed as the cover star of Maxim’s Hottest Top 100 in 2022.

The most popular female golfer in the world — by social media standards — isn’t actually icon Tiger Woods, but Paige Spiranac, and she doesn’t even play professionally.

The 29-year-old influencer, who has more than 10 million followers across multiple social networks, graced the cover of Maxim’s July and August issue.

Paige Spiranac said she was “in disbelief” after winning the top spot as sexiest woman alive. Although she initially thought they had made a mistake in naming her number one, the golfer celebrates the victory.

Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Berenberg Invitational

In 2015, Paige celebrated winning the 100th Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship. She finished nine under par and was enjoying ice cream with her mum when congratulations from her friends started blasting her phone.

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However, the sweet messages from his pals came from Total Frat Move writer Dan Regester. He found Paige on Instagram and wrote an open love letter which later went viral.

Overnight, her 500 followers jumped to 100,000. She said, “My life completely changed in the blink of an eye.”

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After being inundated with sponsorship offers and invited to participate in more golf tournaments, Paige set out to carve out a career for herself.

But Paige’s style of dress caused a stir. The former gymnast prefers to wear leggings and more “tight” clothes to control her movement. However, not all organizers seem to like the style.

After attempting to qualify with the LPGA, they introduced a dress code limiting leggings, low cuts and short skirts.

Paige said, “My message is wear what you want to wear.”

Overcome Childhood Bullies

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But Paige, as popular as she is now, was bullied as a child.

The Instagram star was bullied as a child, where she suffered from asthma and a scalp condition that caused her hair to fall out, writes Maxim.

As a gymnastics star, before her big break, she broke her kneecap when she was 12 years old. That didn’t stop her from pursuing other dreams as she tried to get into tennis.

Paige, who grew up in Colorado and Arizona, has an athletic family. Her aunt Bonnie Gadusek ranked 10th in the world for tennis in 1985. Paige’s father played college football and in 1976 played for the Pittsburgh Panthers who won the national championship. To add, her mother was a professional ballet dancer, and let’s not forget her older sister Lexie who got a Stanford scholarship for athletics.

However, after two weeks, Paige discovered her love of golf after her father took her to the driving range.

“I have fun with”

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Paige Spiranac has built a community of golfers with her followers, sharing details about her mental health and her failures as well as her successes.

The star merged the love of sports with the influencer career, proving that there is success on both sides. Subscribers love being able to see every aspect of her life, the ups and downs as well as Paige staying true to herself.

She told the Stripe Show Podcast last year that she loves her body and it’s only part of “who she is”, despite the backlash she might receive.

She told Maxim: “When I first started posting I showed my failure and the things that people weren’t talking about, mental health, failure on the golf course. The community that I’ve built, they know me. Even people who hate me, at first it shook me up, but now I’m having fun with it. I think my skin is thicker. I know how to do it. »

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