SUPERIOR, Wis. – Mark Twain described golf as a good walk wasted. Not so, say disc golf enthusiasts, and Twain never had the opportunity to play.

The dark gray sky did not scare off the legions that invaded Mont Du Lac on Friday. It was one of 6 local disc golf courses needed to host the Lake Superior Open.

350 discus throwers were in the area for this leg of the Wisconsin tour. This is the 17th year at Mont Du Lac.

What gives people the disc golf bug? Well, it’s a couple of things.

Bryan Lagergren of the Mont du Lac disc golf program said, “They like to watch the disc fly. And when you go out and you start throwing them, and you start making them do what you want them to do, then you’re like, “Oh, that’s cool,” you know. There are a lot of fanatics. And especially since COVID, everyone wants to be outside and do things. The growth of disc golf has exploded since then.

Disc golf also has a key advantage over its more tame, little white ball chasing cousins. Disc golf is practiced all year round. In this case, they leave the slopes to the skiers, and take the game and their discs into the frozen and snowy woods.

The open continues through Sunday at Mont Du Lac, along with the discus courses at Upper Municipal Forest and Carlton.