At least two other golf clubs have reported vandalism on their courses in recent days.

On several occasions recently at Warley Woods Golf Club in the West Midlands, at least one motorcyclist has driven onto the site and damaged the greens.

Viv Cole, manager of the Warley Woods Community Trust, wrote on social media: “We regularly experience vandalism of our golf greens by motorcyclists arriving around 2 or 3am.

“Not every night, but about seven times now. Some greens are so damaged that they are now out of play until spring and as you surely know, a golf course is judged on the quality of its greens.

“If you happen to be around this time and see bikes on the course, please call 999 for us – it’s a ‘crime in progress’. At this time of night, response is the only way towards the police.Also, if you have any information about the gate/entrance they use, we’d love to hear it.

“Fortunately, this sort of thing is very rare, but it really affects us now and could have a long term impact on our charity’s income, if we can’t resolve it. We have ways to move forward, but the people who call the police for us when we’re not around and share information with us are part of that plan to deal with it.

West Midlands Police have confirmed they are aware of the latest act of vandalism.

In a statement, the force said: “We are aware of some recent incidents of anti-social behavior and criminal damage to the Warley Woods golf course, in particular people riding mountain bikes and quads on the course at early morning hours.

Warley Woods Golf Club. Picture from Facebook

“This behavior is illegal and it is not acceptable.

“We absolutely encourage anyone with information about these incidents and those involved to contact us.”

Anyone with information should telephone the police via 101 quoting crime number 20/176290/22.

And “very offensive” graffiti has been sprayed on a number of Carnoustie Golf Links courses.

Vandals spray-painted wooden signs around the pitch – including the Buddon course – with offensive phrases and slogans.

The club have been forced to remove the graffiti, which appeared between January 29 and February 2, while Scottish police are appealing for any information to help find the culprits.

A club spokesperson said“We are extremely disappointed with the vandalism that has taken place on the Carnoustie golf courses.

“Vandalism is not only offensive to our grounds maintenance team, but also to members of the public who use the links for a number of recreational purposes.

“We are working closely with Police Scotland to respond to their inquiries and urge anyone with information to contact the police directly.”

Police Scotland said: ‘We are currently investigating a number of vandalisms around the golf courses at Carnoustie Golf Links.

“A number of wooden signs around the golf courses, primarily at the Buddon course, have been vandalized with graffiti including highly offensive phrases and slogans.

“Similar comments were spray painted on the ground in various places. These have all since been removed and the panels repaired.

“Also, information can be provided anonymously via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. Our reference is incident 0564 of February 2.”