For the first time in its history, the first nine greens of the Narooma golf course will thrive thanks to an irrigation system.

The system is almost 50 percent more efficient than the 40-year-old system of the last nine greens, said general manager Dominic Connaughton.

Narooma Golf Club General Manager Dominic Connaughton, President Geoff Lanham, Course Superintendent Scott Harris and Club Captain Andrew Thompson. Photo: Claudia Ferguson.

Course Superintendent Scott Harris introduced members to the new irrigation at a reception on Friday, November 19.

Mr Harris said 238 sprinklers were installed and cost $ 305 each. Each sprinkler transmits live information every five seconds to the maintenance hangar.

“Sprinklers on the greens and fairways communicate independently of each other,” he said.

Members looked outside as he activated the sprinklers from his cell phone.

“I can be overseas and shoot you with water on the third green,” Harris joked to the members.

Course Superintendent Scott Harris explains the new irrigation system to members on Friday November 19th.  Photo: Claudia Ferguson.

Course Superintendent Scott Harris explains the new irrigation system to members on Friday November 19th. Photo: Claudia Ferguson.

Before irrigation, staff would start their shifts at 3 a.m. to manually water the greens, carrying hoses connected to the taps.

Mr Harris said the sprinklers would run on 20-minute cycles, twice a week, depending on the weather.

“You can change the spray radius from 360 degrees to 180 or 160 degrees, which is convenient for saving water,” Mr. Harris said.

Mr Connaughton was disappointed that the club had failed to subsidize irrigation.

He said members funded the new Rainbird irrigation system which cost $ 650,000 and an additional $ 650,000 was needed to replace the old system on the last nine greens.

“It’s constantly being fixed; we don’t want to waste water,” he said.

“We have not received any support from any level of government. We have applied for many grants over the years and we don’t know where to go from now on. “

Mr Connaughton said the Narooma golf course is the only course on the south coast that does not have access to gray water – something the club has been pressing the council and local government to support ever since. years.

The Narooma wastewater treatment plant is located in Kianga and the council said there are no plans to bring gray water to the golf course in the near future.

“It is not economically feasible to transfer the treated effluent from Kianga to the Narooma golf course,” a council spokesperson said.

At present, the main water supply for the course came from three dams with a capacity of about 45 megaliters.

Narooma Golf Course is a major asset to the South Coast and this year ranked 18th on Australia’s list of the best publicly accessible golf courses in Australia.

Mr Connaughton said the club will continue to seek grants and welcomes any support from the board or government to help the club thrive in the future.

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