AUBURN, Alabama – The 2021-22 season ended last week, and as we look ahead to next season, we are ending our streak of newcomers with Cary Worby, a freshman from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Worby was the winner of the 2019 Girls’ Order of Merit in Wales and also won the Welsh Girls’ title in 2018. She wore a red shirt last season at Auburn.

1. What is the biggest golfing event of your career?

Worby: I would say probably when we got second place at the Home Open in 2018. We played at Ballybunion, which is just an amazing golf course. It was the best we had done in several years and we could have won. So just being in that position was so much fun and also representing your country, it just means a lot.

2. Do you have any superstitions before the tournament?

Worby: My dad always punches me before I go out. He always has. We never really said anything, but it’s kind of like an unspoken rule.

3. Which club do you prefer to use?

Worby: I really like my 3 hybrid. Sometimes I’m scared of my 3 wood, so when I stand on top of my 3 hybrid, it feels a bit more welcoming.

4. What are you studying at Auburn? What do you want to do with that?

Worby: I’m majoring in supply chain management and I think I want to minor in natural resources and economic policy because I really want to deal with the sustainable side of things. The coach calls me the team’s eco-warrior. My whole family is very into recycling and all that kind of stuff, so just making supply chains efficient but less harmful to the planet.

5. What was the biggest adjustment between Wales and Auburn?

Worby: Just people. Everyone is very different. Americans are much more vocal with everything they feel and think, and everyone is very polite. At home, people knocked you down. Here everyone stops the car and just lets you cross the street. I’m a vegetarian so the food is very different too.

6. What is the biggest thing you miss at home?

Worby: Probably my coaches at home and the people I would play golf with at home. I always talk to my coaches, but I miss not being able to see them all the time. And certainly the links golf courses. The golf courses here are very different, and we have some phenomenal golf courses back home. And I miss being able to pull out my bump-and-run every hour of the day.

7. What is your favorite golf course?

Worby: Probably St. Andrews. The Old Course. It’s a pretty cliched answer, but it lives up to the hype. It’s really unbelievable.

8. Your last meal. What are you gonna take?

Worby: Mine is so niche. I’ve had this conversation with so many team members. It’s a slice of Ginsters cheese and onion, but it must be from that gas station back home. And it must be cold from the fridge. It’s almost like a hot pocket, but it’s flavorful and it’s cheese and onion.

9. What does the Auburn family mean to you?

Worby: We had really bad home confinements before I came out, so I hadn’t really been with anyone in almost a year – other than my parents. I was a little worried about this. And then I came out and within a week, I loved it. I already have about six pairs of American foster parents looking after me. A lot of people on our team, we don’t have parents here, and that can be a bit intimidating. But they really go out of their way to accommodate you, which is very nice.