Name of CEO or leader of charitable efforts or your group: David kerr

Their title: President

Address of the company’s head office: 475 Aviation Boulevard # 220, Santa Rosa, California. 95403


As an organization, there is clearly a willingness to encourage employees and the company to support nonprofits and their causes. How is this culture embedded in your organization?

We are unique in that our giving is made through the efforts of volunteers, not employees. Real estate agents are an integral part of the community.

They have a generous spirit and a long history of supporting local charities and causes. It starts at the national level and has become an essential part of our association.

We have encouraged our members to get involved through volunteerism, donations and fundraising events. It was so important to our members to give back that we created a separate 501C3 organization six years ago. This spirit has brought our members together through very difficult times.

How did you and / or your employees perceive the benefits of this investment in the company? These may be specific examples or generally comments you have received.

From fire victims to food banks to supporting our youth through education and training, we are touched by the responses to our donations.

Many organizations contact us to thank us and thank us. It gives our members pride in knowing that they are part of the greater good. Earnings?

Sometimes it’s hard to make a difference on your own, but as a group our members know they’ve made a difference by feeding a child or an elderly person, funding housing, training and education for our young people. or by helping with accommodation or transport. for those who need it.

That’s why we’re doing it. We all want healthy communities and our members embrace and support it with our donations.

In the months from early 2020 to October of this year, your group’s charitable efforts have raised over $ 129,000. Please give readers some examples of the specific way this money has been used in the community.

Some highlights of our donations:

Over $ 41,000 to local schools, reading, music and outdoor programs and scholarships

Over $ 31,600 to programs that support teens and children at risk

Over $ 15,000 to local food banks and food services

Over $ 13,000 for Seniors, Women at Risk, Children’s Vacation Programs and Human Rights

Over $ 10,000 for technical training in construction for young people entering the workforce

Over $ 9,000 for disaster relief, homelessness, housing and independent living

Over $ 4,000 for historical preservation, the arts

Second, in what ways has the group sought to raise funds to support their charitable work? Please be as specific as possible.

We raise money through fundraisers such as golf tournaments, holiday gatherings, and direct donations at one of our ten weekly marketing meetings.

During the 2020/21 shutdown, funds were raised primarily through donations from members during our weekly virtual marketing meetings.

We hosted virtual parties and funds raised for these events went directly to our charity for distribution to others in need.

Since each company or individual in your association operates independently, how have you been successful in getting these people to jointly support fundraising efforts? What brings them all together to support this cause?

Because we have members in four North Bay counties, our association is organized demographically by chapters.

We have nine active chapters. Chapter members organize fundraisers for causes in their local county area.

But that does not prevent our members from going beyond their borders or their city limits when there is someone in need. We contacted and supported other real estate agent associations in other states in disaster situations, as they did for us.

The common denominator is community. We are all in a global community at the end of the day.