CIRCLEVILLE — Ohio Christian University is adding a new sport to its ranks this year as disc golf will be its latest offering.

According to information posted by the OCU on its athletics website, both men and women will be able to compete in the sport.

Disc golf is a sport where players throw a Frisbee-like disc at a target and aim to get the lowest possible score by getting the disc into the basket with the fewest number of throws, similar to golf . The sport, which is the most popular overall in the United States, was invented in the early 1900s with its first game played in Canada.

“We are thrilled to welcome disc golf to the athletic program,” OCU athletic director George Arroyo Jr said in a post on the school’s website. “In recent years, disc golf has become a rapidly growing collegiate sport on many college campuses. With a newly constructed 18-hole course on campus, athletic scholarships, and a wonderful surrounding community, we believe disc golf at Ohio Christian will allow us to attract students to campus while providing new opportunities for compete collegially.

Arroyo said the Trailblazers will begin participating in local tournaments in an effort to become members of College Disc Golf along with other NAIA and NCAA colleges and universities.

According to the organization’s website,, there are more than 150 college club teams with nearly 1,300 players in the United States. Marion, North Carolina.

Ohio Christian University has had disc golf chains on campus since 2007. A brand new 18-hole course is set to officially open later this spring thanks to donations and community support. The course will be open to both the community and athletes.

The University said the search for a head coach is ongoing.