Sports fans tend to be an incredibly impatient bunch.

If your team won a title two years ago, why didn’t they win one last year? If your team stuck with a basket, fans insist they should have attempted the touchdown. Rookies have to start within the first week of their professional career, otherwise they’re ruined. Why build for the future when you can win now, now, now?

So it was with the latest in a series of comebacks for Tiger Woods, the comeback king in golf. After a horrific car crash that could have cost him his life last February, Woods once again battled physical adversity to compete in a PGA Tour event. OK, this is an unofficial event, a Silly Season tournament where who wins and who loses doesn’t mean much. But this weekend’s PNC Championship is a chance to see Woods hitting golf balls, and that alone is thrilling considering there was a possibility that it could never happen again.

But that won’t stop people from wanting Woods to win a major championship this year. They will want him to play a relatively busy schedule. Get this win to put Sam Snead on the all-time winning list, some fans will cry. Get one step closer to Jack Nicklaus on the All-Time Major Title scale, some will ask.

Let’s slow down, guys.

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Yes, Tiger Woods is playing golf this week with his son and other pros and their families. He even plays well. But don’t confuse that with Woods playing PGA Tour caliber golf. Woods wows fans with his game, but take a closer look and you know he’s not some guy getting ready to play the Farmers Insurance Open in February.

Can he even walk 18 holes? Remember, this is not a handicap that Woods has, like Casey Martin when he used a cart on the Tour. This is classified as an injury. Woods can therefore use a cart at the unofficial event this week, but will be marching upon his return to the Tour. Not just 18 holes, mind you, but 72 holes on golf courses with rolling hills, gullies and bumps that will create weird drops and drops. When will Woods be able to handle all of this?

Too many questions to answer

And how did the injuries to his leg affect his golf swing? Is the leg strong enough to take the stress and torque that Woods always created in his swing? Maybe it will happen on the road, but it certainly isn’t now in terms of playing four days in a PGA Tour event.

In other words, there are still too many unknowns to make Woods the betting favorite at the Masters. Maybe Las Vegas should take some bets on Woods even playing in the Masters. You might want to bet against this.

No one on the PGA Tour today knows more about what it takes to come back from physical ailments than Woods. From knee surgeries to back surgeries that seemed to end his career at one point, Woods has followed a strict path of rehab and hard work to not only replay but win again. Maybe there’s another comeback to Woods. Maybe there isn’t.

The woods will be back one way or another. This will be great for golf as he has been the best golfer for a few generations now and many will firmly argue that he is the greatest golfer of all time. It’s wonderful to see him on a golf course again, smiling, laughing and admiring his 12 year old son Charlie’s swing in the PNC Championship.

But patience is a virtue for Woods now as he battles the accident. Hopefully golf enthusiasts will find the patience to let Woods return to competition at his own pace.

Larry Bohannan is The Desert Sun golf writer, he can be reached at [email protected] or (760) 778-4633. Follow him on Facebook or on Twitter at @larry_Bohannan.