Jay Mitchell, winner at Royal Lakeside and Paul Smith, winner at Green Valley and Pattana.

monday september 19
Royal Lakeside, blue tees.
1st Jay Mitchell (24) 36 points
2nd Paul Smith (3) 32 points
3rd The Cobbans (9) 28 points
Near Gerry Cooney & Paul Smith X 2 pins.

The Royal Lakeside course was in sparkling condition for the first game of the week. It seems that the improvements to the course are endless and the work crews were still working today. In particular, a lot of work is done on the bunkers which are now among the best in the world,

As always at Lakeside the wind was blowing quite hard at times and with us playing blue tees there was a real challenge ahead of us which was reflected in the score. Only Jay Mitchell managed to return a decent score of thirty-six points to take first place. Paul Smith took second with thirty-two with an additional four-point gap at third that was closed by Les Cobban. Gerry Cooney took a close pin and Paul Smith took two.

Although the trip to Lakeside was longer than normal, the flat fee of fourteen hundred baht as well as the quality of the route made the extra trip worthwhile, so we have to make a return visit in a month.

Wednesday, September 21
Green Valley, white tees
1st Paul Smith (3) 35 points
2nd Mike Smith (21) 32 points
3rd Niall Glover (12) 32 points
Near Les Cobban, Michael Brett and Paul Smith X 2 hairpins.

Another very enjoyable day for golf at Green Valley where we again found a course in great condition. No threat of rain again today and with little to no wind it was perfect for golfing.

A few people were slightly hampered by having trainee caddies who weren’t helpful, so it was up to everyone to make their own decisions about distances, lines of putts, etc. A good caddy can be very helpful while a novice caddy can cause a bad mindset for someone who relies heavily on them for yardage and reading the greens, the Green Valley greens have very subtle breaks that many find it hard to read.

Once again Paul Smith took first place today with thirty-five points; he’s still in the mix. Mike Smith had one of his best games to take second place in the countdown from Niall Glover. All close pins were taken with one each to Les Cobban and Michael Brett and two to Paul Smith.

friday september 23
Pattana A&C White Tees
1st Paul Smith (3) 37 points
2nd Niall Glover (13) 33 points
3rd Ross Schiffke (21) 32 points
Close to Paul Smith, Niall Glover and Les Cobban X 2 hairpins.

On recent visits to Pattana we played on the yellow tees which in many cases had been moved to almost the reds. So today we decided to play from the whites, and wouldn’t you know that a lot of them had also been advanced to where the yellows should be, so it was hard to know the actual distance we played today.

The course was wet underfoot so we played pick, clean and drop which turned out to be a wise move as the mud balls were everywhere as expected there was no racing on the fairways.

For the second consecutive game, Paul Smith took the place of the winner with thirty-seven points well compiled. Niall Glover took second place with thirty-three points. There was a traffic jam for third place with Ross Schiffke taking it on the countdown. All close pins were taken, one to Niall Glover and Paul Smith with Les Cobban taking two.