Rising Fawn, GA-(WDEF-TV) McLemore Golf Club added former PGA Tour pro Charlie Rymer to its staff last year. And then this summer, current PGA Tour pro and Baylor grad Stephan Jaeger joined McLemore’s payroll. He is responsible for promoting the golf club during the Tour. Jaeger and Rymer both agree that promoting the scenic course isn’t too difficult.

It wasn’t difficult for Stephan Jaeger to lend his name to McLemore.
Jaeger thinks the course at the top of the mountain is like an oasis.
Jaeger said: “Every time we come here it’s so peaceful. It’s kind of like a getaway for me. Also being able to call this place home is special. I’m really excited to be part of it.
Jaeger has played many of the best courses in the country, and he admits it’s hard to beat 18th at McLemore.
Jaeger said: “You go up and 17 is kind of back in the woods for a bit. You don’t really see the par 5 down the hill. You drive your cart down this winding road. You come to the 18th tee and you’re like whoa.
We could have another Keanu Reeves like whoa when McLemore opens an 18-year-old sister in two years.
Says Rymer: “I think we have a chance to have a top 40 golf course very easily. For the Chattanooga market to have a world class hotel. Two golf courses potentially in the top 100 in the world. to become a global golf destination.
Jaeger advertises McLemore on his tour bag.
He also announced a solid game in stride this summer.
Said Jaeger: “To be able to be like that, I haven’t done my best this year and to finish 89th in the FedEx Cup, I think that’s pretty special going forward. I feel like be more comfortable there.”
Golf is so much easier when you’re comfortable, but Jaeger admits he had an uncomfortable time on the Tour, and it wasn’t even on the course.
Said Jaeger: “I was going to the physio trailer to maybe stretch or like a warm up in the gym, and Tiger came out. I could barely get out. And he said hello. I was like. All the day I was like it was the coolest day of my life Tiger said hello to me.