Earlier this week, once Ouellette learned that his friend Eric Horn would be caddying Canadian pro Brendan MacDougall, Ouellette says he got a little envious. “Talk to the caddy master and put my name on the list,” Ouellette asked Horn, who complied. Days later, Paxton, who hasn’t employed a regular caddy all season, called the 44-year-old musician and hired him.

Although it was a disappointing week for Paxton, Ouellette absorbed it all. He also sees parallels between his two “jobs.”

“I wouldn’t say that caddy and playing the violin are too similar. But in my work as a second chair (violinist), there is the solo violin and the associated solo violin. The thing is, the partner takes care of the first violin. So it’s almost like a caddy in the violin world,” says Ouellette. “The only problem is that when the concertmaster is sick, the associate has to take over. And I’m really glad that in golf that’s not the case. Because if Easton isn’t feeling well. ..

Ouellette’s voice fades and the fiddler with a plus 6 handicap smiles broadly as he thinks of the 10 handicap he has on the golf course.

“I’m just happy someone is carrying the bag. When he mentioned he was a violinist, I was like, I can’t wait to talk to this guy. It’s going to be interesting, right? Paxton said. “I still don’t know much about what he does, but I think the dude can shred and he’s quite humble. I get little bits here and there of his quality as a musician, but he doesn’t quite tell me.

Yeah, he’s good, although Ouellette gets described by someone as a guy who can shred maybe a first. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, she began playing at the age of four, graduated from the University of Toronto in violin performance, has performed in Europe, Asia and across Canada, and teaches violin at the University of Waterloo. He can now add the PGA TOUR Canada caddy to his Linkedin page.