The popular disc golf scoring app “UDisc” has ranked Lewiston/Auburn as the best disc golf city in the entire United States.

MAINE, USA — Across the state, disc golf courses in Maine are already busy this spring.

“It’s crazy every day,” said Andrew Streeter. Streeter has been playing disc golf for over 12 years and works at the popular Sabattus Disc Golf course.

“There was downtime. There’s no downtime anymore,” Streeter said. Sabattus Disc Golf is one of more than 70 courses in Maine. Many people who work in the industry claim that disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the state.

“The growth of disc golf and the number of people who come here for disc golf has been great for us,” said Pineland Farms Director of Outdoor Recreation Matt Sabasteanski.

Disc golf is played the same way as golf. People will play 18 holes and count their total strokes for a score. There are birdies, bogeys and pars, just like golf, but people use a small round disc instead of a club and ball and shoot into a metal basket with chains to help catch the disc.

“They’re not sitting on their couch at home, they’re going out to get some fresh air, they’re throwing the record and having fun,” Sabasteanski said.

Disc golf course managers and owners who spoke to NEWS CENTER Maine said they have seen significant growth in the sport since the pandemic began. Many attribute this to the aloof and outward nature of the sport.

“It grew exponentially and the numbers haven’t gone down since,” Sabasteanski said. Sabasteanski added that Pineland Farms had more than 4,000 new disc golfers on the course in 2021, reaching a total of 18,000 rounds.

“People come from all over the country, even on vacation, and stay here for a week to play all the courses,” said Alex Olsen, owner of Devil’s Grove Disc Golf in Lewiston.

In December 2021, the popular app UDisc, which tracks disc golfers’ scores, ranked Lewiston/Auburn as the #1 city for disc golf in the entire country. This pushed the L/A metropolitan area ahead of major metropolises like Chicago, Minneapolis and Dallas.

“Lewiston/Auburn is a great central location because you can get to 20 different courses within 40 minutes,” Olsen said.

Lewiston/Auburn was also ranked the top city for disc golf when UDisco last released its top 10 list in 2018.

Disc golf has also grown in popularity due to the price of the sport. Maine offers a mix of free public lessons and paid private lessons. Play-to-play courses usually cost between $5 and $10.