MyPLAYER is one of the most exciting aspects of sports games developed in 2K. Whether you play wrestling, basketball or golf, MyPLAYER is essential to the experience. You can create your own character and take it on the journey to stardom. In PGA Tour 2K23, you can choose from several archetypes. This is the starting point in terms of your MyPLAYER statistics. It will provide you with certain stats meant to fit the playstyle the archetype is centered around.

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There are five archetypes in total, each with a specialty. Some courses favor one over the other, so it’s up to you which MyPLAYER archetype you choose. You can drive to the green off the tee, hit your shots down the fairway with pinpoint accuracy, or become a masterful putter. Although there is an Archetype for everyone, they are not all created equal. Each has its purpose, but some are much more useful than others.


5/5 green man

The Greensman displays high stats in putting categories.

Greensman is a MyPLAYER archetype for those who love to putt. Pretty much everything else is a weakness with this selection. There are long, winding courses in PGA Tour 2K23, making the Greensman archetype something akin to a “hard mode” for your character.

It doesn’t have the power to take you to the green in one shot. It also doesn’t bode well for the character’s overall shooting accuracy. Recovering from a misplaced swing will be nearly impossible, but if you can get on the green, you’ll putt with no problem.

4/5 Sculptor

Sculptor is an archetype with its stats designed for shaping and swing path.

The Sculptor archetype comes with strength in shot shaping and weakness in distance control. Considered a “ball-stealing artist”, those who choose Sculptor can hit their ball down the fairway, around the bends and to the green with ease. The movement of the ball is the only objective.

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Putting is pretty awful with this MyPLAYER archetype, but a carver should be able to get the ball pretty close to the hole. It will definitely take a few swings, though, as the power stat isn’t as high as in some other picks.

3/5 Rhythm

The rhythm archetype is about the timing and path of the swing.

Precision is the name of the game with the Rhythm archetype in PGA Tour 2K23. Difficult swings are simplified, but the distance that comes with a major power is missing. The same can be said for the movement of the ball. The ability to shape the ball’s trajectory and land eye-catching shots isn’t something you’ll find with a Rhythm character. This is a simple ball placement build.

It’s all about swing quality rather than doing something flashy. If you find yourself on the rough or stuck in danger, you will easily escape. Close to the green? You’ll be able to chip the ball right into the hole, or place it close to the pin, at least. Then you can sink the putt and move on to the next one with solid numbers in the putt path and putt weight stats.

2/5 lumberjack

Woodsman has his stats balanced in most categories, with the putt being a weakness.

For a more versatile player style, opt for the Woodsman archetype. There are a variety of courses in PGA Tour 2K23, so you can’t go wrong adding a bit of everything to your character. None of the statistics are incredible, but they are all respectable. In addition to putting is. Putting is the only weakness that comes with Woodsman’s pick. And that is extremely lacking.

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If you decide Woodsman is the way to go, you’ll be more than able to get the ball to the green quickly and painlessly. Hitting longer shots and getting the ball in a good spot for the next swing won’t be difficult. You just want to focus on getting the ball close to the hole, so you don’t have to worry about hitting long putts. With this archetype, the shorter the putt, the better. Lock that in and you’ll follow all the other golfers on tour.

1/5 Central

The Powerhouse archetype points to power above all else.

The undisputed best MyPLAYER archetype in PGA Tour 2K23 is Powerhouse. There are massive golf courses and strong golfers that you will find yourself against. Whether you’re fighting Tiger Woods or guest golfer Michael Jordan, having immense power comes in handy. You’ll have to worry about ball control here, but if you can make up for the lack of stat points elsewhere, Powerhouse will be your best bet in the game.

The ball will reach the green in no time and you won’t have to catch up if you potentially miss a few putts. Instead, opposing golfers will be the ones chasing you as they try to match the power behind your swing. The chance to get a hole-in-one is possible, but it will take some luck. An Eagle or Birdie will be much more likely with how often you get to the green with several shots remaining before you hit par.

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