More than 24 million people play golf each year. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we can all appreciate a great course and great weather — but what really makes a golf course “the best”? We showcase it here with our ranked golf courses across the United States. These rankings are based on the community of the surrounding golf courses, the difficulty of the course, the attractiveness of the area and the value of a membership.

2022 golf ranking

1. Pine Valley Golf Club (Pine Valley, NJ)

It’s no surprise that this golf course community is very exclusive, given that Pine Valley is consistently ranked as the number one golf course in America. Only club members are allowed to buy the homes on the course, and it has a total of over 900 members.

2. 3 Creek Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

This course is built into the natural environment, so there is no shortage of breathtaking views. Players of all skill levels can play here, as there are six tee boxes at each hole. This course extends over more than 7,700 meters and has beautiful houses on the edges.

3. Addison Reserve Country Club (Delray Beach, Florida)

Addison Reserve has 717 houses organized along the golf course. It ranks third on our list due to the strong community. Those who live on the course must be members of the club, which also includes tennis, social events and a spa.

4. Boca West Country Club (Boca Raton, Florida)

Boca West Country Club is home to nearly 6,000 residents and is made up of various residential villages. It is surrounded by the golf course and waterways that make up the community. It’s a very family-friendly club, and it has homes for all lifestyles spanning over 1,400 acres.

5. Cypress Point Club (Del Monte Forest, CA)

Cypress Point is a very exclusive golf club along the California coast. Its unique 18-hole course has been called the most beautiful course in the world. The club has only 250 members and the course measures 6,554 meters.

6. Cornerstone Club (Montrose, CO)

The Cornerstone Club course is 7,876 total yards, nestled in the San Juan Mountains. The residential development that surrounds the course is a family community at an elevation of 9,223 feet. Cornerstone Club also offers homes and cabins for families to rent during their stay.

7. Desert Mountain Golf Club (Scottsdale, AZ)

Desert Mountain Golf Club is home to seven championship golf courses and over 2,000 homes. The club owns approximately 8,100 acres of land, offering events such as concerts and VIP speakers. It also has 1,850 equity golf members.

8. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (Long Island, New York)

Shinnecock Hills is located in Southampton, Long Island, New York. Founded in 1891, it is considered the oldest incorporated golf club in the United States. It is a founding member of the US Golf Association and covers 259 acres. The club is by invitation only, but members can invite guests to play with them. There are also 1,650 homes in the Shinnecock Hills area.

9. Estancia Club (Scottsdale, AZ)

Estancia Golf Course is located at the foot of a mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. The gated community that surrounds the club spans 600 acres. The club has 298 full golf members, but residents and non-residents are welcome. The course itself is 7,146 meters long.

10. Augusta National Golf Club (Augusta, Georgia)

Club Augusta makes the news every year when it hosts the famous Masters golf tournament. The course is made up of 345 acres of green space and has 10 cabins which are used by club members and their families when visiting. The club also owns over 100 properties that surround the course.

11. Iron Horse Golf Club (Whitefish, Montana)

This private club is minutes from Glacier National Park in Montana. Bluegrass fairways are laid out on the slopes of Big Mountain. There are over 316 member homes surrounding the club, secluded in 820 acres of old growth forest.

12. Oakmont Country Club (Plum, PA)

Oakmont Country Club is located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The club was founded in 1903 and the course opened in 1904. It has over 500 members and over 200 acres. There are spaces on the property for up to 12 out-of-town guests before or after their stay at the country club.

13. Isleworth Golf and Country Club (Orlando, Florida)

The Isleworth Club spans over 600 acres and includes a gated community with over 900 homes. Its 18-hole course has been named one of the longest and toughest courses in the country. There are numerous lakes across the green.

14. Kiawah Island Club (Kiawah, South Carolina)

This course covers 7,039 yards, with waterfront views over a piece of the island that stretches for 10 miles. The resort where the club is located also manages nearly 500 villas and private homes and has more than a dozen restaurants. It is located just over 20 miles outside of Charleston.

15. National Golf Links of America (Tuckahoe, NY)

The National Golf Links of America is a private 18-hole course in Southampton, New York. The course is made up of 253 acres on Peconic Bay. It is by invitation only, and potential members need the support of six current members.

Does being on a golf course affect the value of a home?

Homes on a golf course typically have premiums that average between 15% to 30% more than houses located in the same development farther from the course. The increase in the value of the house is only due to the distance of the course, which also has an impact on the value of the undeveloped land.

Consider the value of prime terrain on the course versus inland terrain, according to the National Recreation and Parks Association:

  • Main façade: cost of land, $250,000; cost of house, $400,000; total cost, $650,000.
  • Inside lot: lot cost, $100,000; cost of house, $400,000; total cost, $500,000.

Other Factors That Affect Real Estate Value

Besides location and proximity to the course, there are a few other factors that affect the value of these homes. They include:

  • Piece
  • house age
  • state of the house
  • house size
  • All home improvements

Selling a home on a golf course – or buying one – can be complicated by all of these factors. It is a good idea to consult an experienced real estate agent who knows the local market well.