Revere resident Tom DiGregorio made his first season as a member of Winthrop Golf Club (WGC) a memorable experience, winning the title in the prestigious Club Championship tournament played over the past two weekends. ends on the Winthrop nine-hole course.

Qualifying as the No. 10 seed, DiGregorio exploded through his group with 4 and 3 wins in the quarter-finals and semi-finals to set up an all-Revere final against Jonathan Chiarelli. DiGregorio snatched the title on the 27th hole of the 36-hole match, receiving a grand championship trophy and the honor of having his name engraved forever on the all-time winner plaque inside the club- house.

DiGregorio had played very well in the months leading up to the WGC Championships, finishing a solid second place in both the Summer Classic ‘B’ Flight and the Member-Guest Tournament. He posted a tied round 70 in the Classic, earning him some notoriety among the members and giving an indication that he could be a strong contender for the Clubs Championship.

Quickly rise through the ranks

DiGregorio, 32, joined Winthrop Golf Club in May, looking to play more golf at an impressive local venue and improve his rapidly developing game.

“Last year I played the club a few times with my friend, Derek Vecchia, who was a freshman,” said DiGregorio, a 2008 graduate of Revere High School. “I then made the decision to join the club for the 2022 season. The members welcomed me with open arms. And [WGC Professional] Eddie Montone does a great job.

DiGregorio’s overall improvement in his game has been meteoric. He started as a “casual golfer” five years ago. But he said in the fall of 2020: “I decided to start working on my game and trained through the winter indoors.”

“My scores were in the 100s at that point,” DiGregorio recalls. “Last summer I was shooting in my mid-80s and had a 15 handicap.”

This summer, DiGregorio has worked his way up to a 2.8 handicap, which puts him in the top 5% of golfers in the country.

Golf is now his Sports No. 1

The son of Revere Journal (partner/marketing director) Deb DiGregorio and Broadway Motor Service owner Thomas DiGregorio, Tom was an excellent pitcher and shortstop, in Revere Little League, Revere Babe Ruth and played baseball at Revere High School. (Tom’s younger brother, John Vincent, also an excellent athlete, was an interested spectator during the championship round of the Winthrop tournament).

The future is bright for Tom DiGregorio, and if his game continues to evolve in the direction it has, a qualifying spot for Mass Am 2023 – the state’s premier tournament – is a realistic goal for the company. rising star.

“I love to golf,” said DiGregorio, vice president of Grand Circle Travel Corporation. “I’m so glad I’m back to playing. It’s one of the only things I do, where I don’t think about anything else when I’m doing it. I only think about golf when I’m playing golf. It’s almost like a form of meditation for me.

“I’m just going to try to keep getting better,” added DiGregorio, whose favorite PGA player is Justin Thomas. “I still think there is a good amount of improvement I can make. I will continue to work hard on my game and see where my game is next year.