From left to right, Polly Anderson, Honny Canul and Karen Plaisier teamed up to win the Wawonowin Country Club’s annual three-woman competition held last Saturday at the Ely Township Golf Club. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Jackson)

CHAMPION – Wawonowin Country Club was recently crowned champions at two of its annual golf scrambles held at its Ely Township golf course.

On August 1, Gary Richards and Steve Specker combined to shoot 63 and win the Two-Man Senior Scramble on a tiebreaker.

Then last Saturday, Karen Plaisier, Holly Canul and Polly Anderson teamed up for a six-stroke victory in the Three-Woman Scramble.

Here are more details about each event:


Gary Richards, left, and Steve Specker teamed up to win the overall title at the Two-Man Senior Scramble at Wawonowin Country Club on August 1. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Jackson)

senior race

Richards and Specker were matched by Eric Spindler and Jeff McCall on shot 63, but the former duo won their third consecutive championship in this event after a countdown on the handicap holes.

Richards and Specker also won the 70-74 division, while Spindler and McCall won the 50-59 division.

Other age group winners included Joe Frustaglio and Dan Oja who shot 65 to win the split 60-64; Mick Coduti and Dale Bayer, 68 in the 65-69 split; and Dennis Heikkila and Dennis Pairolero, 67 in the

75-plus division.


women’s race

Plaisier, Canul and Anderson shot an impressive 62 while Marion Lindquist, Amy Johnson and Kathy Gagnon shot 68 as runners-up in a field of 44 teams.

Here are the winners of the flight – first flight: Wendy Schuelke, Donna Gunville and Faith Peterson, 72; second flight: Dee Bell, Connie Moffatt and Sandy Paaso, 75; third flight: Linda Derocher, Elizabeth Becker-King and Kristen Derocha, 78; fourth flight: Kris Ashley, Kelly Uren and Sally Carlson, 83; and fifth flight: Gail Hebein, Lindy Hillier and Donna Beauchaine, 87.

Information compiled by Journal Sports editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is [email protected]

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