After the first round of the PNC Championship on Saturday, Nelly Korda, world number one LPGA, approached PGA legend Tiger Woods and asked for a photo. Nelly also asked her brother, ATP Tour star Sebastian Korda and their father, former world number 2 Petr Korda, to take a photo with Woods.

When Nelly introduced Tiger to “Sebi,” Woods quickly gave a friendly joke: “What’s up big guy?” Aren’t you supposed to train? “

“Meeting Tiger was amazing. He was so nice, ”said Sebi, a recent contender for Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals. “He’s probably our family’s favorite athlete. Every time he played a tournament, we were all glued to the television.

Nelly and Petr competed in the event together, in which one member of each team won at least one major championship or a PLAYERS ‘championship crown. In its early days, the Korda Family finished 12th (-17). They didn’t bug out on the two towers.

After Nelly emptied a long birdie on the 18th hole on Saturday, she celebrated with Petr and Sebi. Currently No. 41 in the FedEx ATP Rankings, Sebi clocked six holes for his father in the first round.

“I had an easy job. I only have caddy six holes on the last nine and Nelly’s caddy, Jason [McDede] was helping me, ”Sebi said. “I was never on the ropes during the tournament and it was really cool to hear what they were talking about before each shot.”

It was a memorable weekend for the Korda family. Sebi, who is set to debut in the 2022 season in week one in Adelaide, enjoys playing golf himself. He had fun alongside his sister and father as they competed on such a big stage.

Sebastian Korda and Nelly Korda “/>
Sebastian Korda takes a photo with his sister, Nelly Korda, on Saturday.
“It was so much fun being my dad and sister Nelly’s caddy at such a big event with some of the best golfers,” said Korda. “I never got to hang out with my dad while he was playing any tournament so it was pretty special to see too.”

Petr thrived under the pressure, having won the 1998 Australian Open. But it was a different experience in a different sport. The most important thing for the 10-time champion at the circuit level was to compete with his daughter. Nelly and Petr were quick to tell the media that they would like to replay the event if they were invited.

“It was very difficult. I was very nervous, I’m not going to hide it, especially the day before yesterday while going around. I called my former coach, Tony Pickard, and asked him not for advice, but to calm me down, ”Petr said at his post-event press conference.“ It was a great experience. I enjoyed every moment.

“It’s easier to walk off the ropes, which I believe [is where] I belong. But if we have another chance in the future, I would love to do it again. Just being with Nelly and what she brings to women’s sport and women’s golf and myself to being a part of it, what more can I ask for? “