Spencer Smith has sparked an outstanding summer of golf and is now putting in solid rounds with his team at Mercer Island High School.

At one of his summer junior tournaments in Encinitas, Calif., the Islander amassed a career-best nine birdies in an 18-hole round en route to a fourth-place finish out of 63 fielders. He was the top American in the three-day tournament, which brought together a plethora of international golfers at the Pala Mesa Resort golf course.

Also in the summer, he shot 2-under to win an 18-hole one-day Washington Junior Golf Association tournament at the Jefferson Golf Course in Seattle.

“I had a lot of momentum. I really wanted this to be my best season in high school ever,” said Smith, who recovered from a broken collarbone the previous summer to shine this time. “The summer kind of opened my eyes to my potential and I think I have the most confidence in my game I’ve ever had at this point. I’m just rolling and trying to do the best I can right now and it’s paying off.

The Iceland senior captain’s goals for this season are to deliver a below average scoring average throughout the campaign, repeat as 3A state champions with his teammates and win league honors. the first fully KingCo team.

At press time, the Islanders were 5-1 overall in nine-hole competition, with Smith winning three medals and scoring twice under par.

Over two 18-hole rounds at State in May, the Islanders finished first with 569 points and Mead was second with 585 at Liberty Lake Golf Course. Smith took third with a 66-72-138 and had eight birdies in the first round.

The Islanders’ other top returning players this season are senior Evan Otte and juniors Wonjoon Seo, Elliott Hoang and Brian Murdoch. Graduate Ethan Evans ranked second in the state and now plays golf at Duke University.

The reporter asked Smith a series of questions to get some behind-the-scenes insight into his life:

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Probably just the old “hard work pays off”. This really held true for me throughout my golf career because I started late. I first picked a club when I was 13, so I had to catch up with a lot of kids who have played their whole lives. So I had to work twice as hard as them to get where I am now, but I saw it paid off on the golf course, which is good.

What is your favorite subject(s) at school?

I would say PE, but I’m probably the best at math.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to run my own business or business, something I’m passionate about. I really want to be in what I do with work. I probably want to live somewhere where I can have fun outside of work, like Seattle where I can ski and play golf. (In terms of potential business, he is currently interested in renewable energy.)

What skill would you like to learn?

I wish I could play the piano.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people eat and drink very hard.

What’s your most binge-worthy TV series?

My favorite show is “The Office”, I love dry humor.

If you could go out to dinner with just one person, who would it be?

I would like to go to dinner with Michael Jordan. Hopefully on his private golf course in Florida.

You might show him a thing or two on the course.

I don’t know, he’s pretty good. Rumor has it that he set up this course to play his style perfectly, so he always beats people.