This is a brand new edition of the Sports media monitoring podcast, as host TJ Rives comes back with Jon Lewis from to discuss the latest sports media ratings and opinions.

First, the guys discuss the end of the NHL season with Colorado beating the two-time Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6. How do the final odds on ABC compare to the previous years? Also, how much viewership will or will not increase with the finals not airing on network TV next year and every other year in the current deal?

Jon has thoughts on CBS next Jamie Erdahl would have been tabulated to replace Kay Adams during the weekday “Good Morning Football” show on the NFL Network. And, TJ wonders why the network Rachel Bonnet Where Colleen Wolfe you didn’t have full time shooting?

Then it’s a bit like “Love it or leave it?” This time with subjects from the LIV Golf series coming to the United States and making their debut in Portland, Oregon this weekend. The College World Series wraps up in Omaha, NE. And how about some great desserts on the dinner table too?

Guys have ideas about all this.

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