If you want to join a unique private golf club, Mike Dudas is always ready to join in. It assures you to offer friendly competitions and scholarships without any kind of complicated application procedure. Plus, you don’t need to be interviewed by membership committees and pay the membership amount in dollars. Not only that, but there are also no cocktails. But there is also a caveat that you should keep in mind depending on your tolerance for risk as well as your patience. However, this can be a deal breaker. Dudas, on the other hand, cannot guarantee that the club will one day have a golf course for you to play. He said it’s like an experiment.

Mike Dudas, 42, was born and raised in Connecticut and graduated from Stanford and is passionate about golf. He currently remains in Manhattan and is a successful entrepreneur with a group of start-ups under his name. It also plays an active role in a virtual community platform named LinksDAO. Central’s plan at LinksDAO is to purchase a Top 100 caliber course and rebuild it into a luxury golf club where people from various parts of the world who are interested in golf can become members.

Most of this news is that crowdfunding would be done by making payment with the cryptocurrency.

Where is this golf course located? When will the inauguration ceremony take place? What are the golf membership fees? What would their daily activities be? How will the staff be paid? Do you also need to pay in bitcoin? The list goes on.

Dudas said that if all goes according to plan, LinksDAO will see huge growth by mid-2022 and open it ahead of time at the end of 2022. That said, the exact location of the club is not not yet disclosed. But we predict it could be Miami or New York.

All major decisions across the club, from location and spending, will be made by members of its community. Dudas said there were tons of uncertainties because it was a startup, and that’s why he doesn’t want to reveal everything up front.

None of the issues that have been raised about LinksDAO have done anything to discourage interest in it. Since this is not the only golf course that has offered a crypto-based concert, there are two other clubs, namely the Good Miss Golf Club and The Token Farm, which are also testing the same.

Membership of the golf club that the community wishes to build does not depend on owning an NFT LinksDAO. But it allows you to get into DAO and gives you the option to purchase a subscription.