There will soon be another option for outdoor activities in Greater Sudbury as one of the city’s golf courses prepares to open its first snow park.

It’s not the lush green landscape you’d expect to see on a golf course, but with winter in full swing, it’s a new alternative for the Timberwolf Golf Club to welcome guests all year round. .

“There will be a number of facilities,” said Sam Yawney, president and co-owner of Golf Sudbury. “We are doing the skating rink. It will go out for about 400 meters to one of our big ponds, which will be a big ice rink and everything will be lit with torches and we will have music playing. road.”

However, if skating isn’t your thing, there is a solution for you.

“There will be snowshoe and cross-country ski trails – a few different trails,” Yawney added. “One about a mile long, another about 2.5 miles long to go to the golf course.”

Equipped with all the right tools, including their own Zamboni, the crew hope to be open by next weekend.

“It was quite extensive. First of all we had to have the right equipment. Snow blower Sam actually bought a Zamboni last year and we also have a flood machine,” Jamie Camilucci said. , Superintendent of Golf for the Timberwolf Golf Club.

Adding: “We have tried to put as much water as possible in the way of the cart to make it an inch or two thick just with a flooding machine. Now we start to use the Zamboni which will try to flatten it out. We always add water to get as much base as possible. “

This idea has been germinating for years, Yawney said. Adding that the north side of town has not had such an option before.

“I’ve been researching Crimson Ridge in the Sault which does the same thing and there are a few other facilities in Ottawa and other areas that do these kinds of concepts,” he said.

“So I thought that with nothing on that north end of town it would fit in with what we have and I’m really trying to make Timberwolf a 12 month operation rather than a summer operation.”

Even though the club isn’t open yet, it looks like the community is already excited to go out, have fun and support Timberwolf.

“I posted a post Friday night, just an innocent post thinking there might be a few people who might be interested, but it kind of blew up. We got almost 800 likes and all of them , I mean 100 percent of them has been very positive, ”Yawney said.

Camilucci said he was delighted to bring his family out.

“People are looking for things to do. I know I take my kids skating all the time and I snowmobile with them, just to get them out. So I think everyone is looking for something like that to do, ”he said.

There will be a fire pit to warm up, including food and drink services and Yawney said people would only be allowed inside the clubhouse to use the washrooms.

“The daily rate will be $ 8 for an adult, for (ages) 9-16 it will be $ 6, then kids (ages 8 and under) are free,” he said. .

There is also a daily family rate of $ 20.

Once the club can open, the plan is to be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.