Montana Senior Amateur Championship

Approximately every eight years, the State Senior Amateur Men’s Tournament returns to the Flathead Valley as host of the three-day event. The Whitefish Lake Golf Club in turn hosts the Buffalo Hills and Meadow Lake golf courses. This year’s tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday August 2, 3 and 4. A tee shot will kick off play each of the three days on the North Course at 8:45 a.m. The South Course is open for play on all three days. and the North will open after the tournament each day.

Club Championship in August

The annual Whitefish Lake Golf Club Championship is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday August 13-14. All members are welcome to participate in the variety of flights, including men’s, women’s, senior, junior and super senior divisions. This is an event that requires an established handicap to qualify for the various flights. Register online at

WLGC tee times

Whitefish Lake Golf Club is one of the best and busiest golf destinations in the state. The total number of tee times available each day allows over 600 players to enjoy one of our two excellent courses, but with 1850 season passes, as well as a limited number of green fee guests, the hours the most popular pass quickly each morning.

The WLGC tee times policy allows tee times to be made two days in advance by calling 862-4000 (phone lines are currently open at 6:30 a.m.), or members can also use our reservation online at (Online reservations open at the same time the phone goes live each day.) You can also come to class early in the morning and line up to make a tee time in person at the start hut. Note that the number of outdoor green fee rounds is limited each day to protect member access at tee times. Members are permitted to book two tee times when making tee time requests each day. The WLGC’s popularity makes it extremely busy at this time of year, so we appreciate your patience, perseverance and flexibility – features that also help you enjoy a round of golf.

We track “no shows” via our computer and notify players who are lapping and are a “no show”, which is a rare occurrence. All players can help us be as efficient as possible by checking in with the starter at least 15 minutes before tee time. Reporting early allows us to fill with singles and couples to maximize our available times.

I’ve always equated the request with times like a dozen donuts and not everyone gets the chocolate one. So be patient, know how the system works and be flexible.

Hands high in your backswing

Many times we see a slow down or swing stop action from a touring pro with his hands above his head on the backswing. The pros make exceptional turns, and the high hand position would be disastrous for most golfers to emulate. For many players this would cause an inverted pivot, where the weight transfer would go from the front foot to the back and stay there during the downswing. During my coaching career, the players who scored the best had rather short backswings.