Lee Trevino at the 150th Open Championship in July.

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When six-time overall winner Lee Trevino hitting golf balls, you can’t help but lean over and pay attention.

And when Trevino starts spinning a thread or sharing an opinion, well… you can’t help but lean in and pay attention.

There’s just something about Lee.

Golfer Lee Trevino hits his shot

Lee Trevino says it was his ‘secret’ to accuracy off the tee

At the Texas Sports Hall of Fame’s Lone Star Luncheon earlier this month, GOLF.com spoke to Trevino about the rise of LIV Golf and the future of professional gaming. You can read this interview here. We’ve also slipped in some quick questions for the Texas great, from the most common mistake he sees among less skilled players to a golf rule he’d like to see changed.

Here are six (really!) quick takes from one of the fastest minds in golf.

Who is the best putter you have ever seen?

Without a doubt, it was Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino at the Open in July.

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And the greatest driver?

Virginia man, Sam Snead. I only saw Bobby Jones on videoand it was amazing, but I saw Snead in person.

Which rule of golf would you like to see changed?

The divot rule. If you hit your ball into a divot in the fairway, you should be able to lift it and drop it outside.

What is the most common swing fault or game management error you see in average golfers?

They never take enough club. They take a 9 iron for a hero shot and don’t realize that if you hit harder the ball gets shorter because you have more spin.

What’s the best swing advice you’ve ever received?

Nothing. Not a thing. I was completely self-taught. You know!

What is your favorite course in Texas?

champions golf club, in Houston, at Jack Burke. It’s the best, but I’m not sure I’m good enough to play it now. I am handicapped 8. Do you want to play me?

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