In this week’s SportsMoney Playbook: Trump’s golf losses, a sponsor fight at NASCAR, and tracking the spread of sports betting. More: what you need to know about blockchain games.


The pandemic has been great for the golf industry, but it has failed to recover Donald trumpemerging properties from in Europe. His losses now total more than $ 100 million.

The total scholarship for the Women’s US Open will almost double, to $ 10 million, thanks to a partnership with ProMedica. It is an important step in the USGAto encourage fairness in golf.


the Yankees” the hiring of Rachel balkovec as a Class A manager is a milestone for women in baseball.


Hockey Hall of Fame Angela James, assistant coach of PHF‘s Toronto Six, wants to see more women become coaches, starting at the local level. Meanwhile, the league players union brought in a contractor Alex sinatra as the new executive director. At the top of his priority list: giving players “more of a boost in terms of the marketing dollars coming in.”


Flurry of coronavirus-related postponements in men’s and women’s football has coach calling on the English Football Association for a lack of transparency.

Car race

Brandon Brown, the Xfinity Series pilot whose victory in October led to the “Let’s go, Brandon” political meme, capitalized on the controversy by adding a new sponsor. It started a fight with Nascar.


International Cricket Hall of Fame Debbie hockley pushes for gender equality within New Zealand Cricket as his first female president. This, among other accomplishments, has earned him recognition on the Forbes List of 50 Over 50 Asia, highlighting women who break age and gender norms.

Sports affairs

Sports betting continues to spread in the United States, with New Yorkthe mobile market is the latest to open up. Here is the legalization status of sports betting in the other 49 states.

UFC Star Jorge masvidal is in partnership with the collectibles market Shelf with plans for a streaming show similar to the QVC shopping channel.

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Why video game makers see huge potential in blockchain and why issues are looming for their new NFTs

With NFT sales reaching nearly $ 25 billion in 2021, video game companies like Ubisoft and Zynga are seeing blockchain technology as a potential pipeline for new revenue. It’s a monumental change. “A year ago, the vast majority of people who are deep in NFTs today didn’t even know what an NFT was,” one industry expert tells us. Here’s what you need to know about blockchain games.

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After further examination

Roger Federer’s taste for sneakers has evolved dramatically over the years – from the skate influences of his youth to his long relationship with Nike – and now it’s increasing his fortune. Already one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, earning $ 90 million off the court last year, Federer invested in On in 2019, and his stake in The Shoemaker could now be worth more than $ 300 million. Learn more about Federer’s involvement.

The last word

“I just played the game I was taught: with a smile. You cannot control the outcome of the match. Leyla fernandez

Canadian-born tennis phenomenon Leylah Fernandez rocked the sports world in 2021, reaching the US Open singles final and winning her first career title in March at the Monterey Open. Now she has the chance to continue her meteoric rise at the Australian Open, even though the big stage can be intimidating. “Pressure and stress will be your best friend,” she recalls telling her father. Learn more about the star in the making, who has just signed a sponsorship contract with Lululemon.

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