Tiger Woods played his last competitive round 509 days ago. Of course, so much has been written about the surprise we all received to see him here this week. As many wondered how he would play, I was pretty sure his game would be in order. My questions were about his ability to recover once the rounds are over.

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the toughest golf courses to walk on the PGA Tour. While most courses don’t have many lies, the ANGC really doesn’t have any, except for these 18 tee boxes! It’s hard to say for Tiger which is harder, the descent from #10 or the ascent from #18. With a magnificent round of 1 under par 71, Woods signed his card and headed home to begin the process of preserving his body for three more demanding rounds against the ANGC.

Many of us deal with aches, pains and injuries between rounds. However, we rarely deal with them after the last hole. Mobility should be our top priority and although we won’t be playing in the Masters anytime soon, we can all learn a thing or two from the tour when it comes to recovery.

Start the process as soon as you get home. If you have a foam roller or even a massage gun, take the time to loosen up the areas you used the most while playing. Start with the leg muscles and progress to the back and arms. Get a good roller or gun massage on these areas. Break the muscle fibers and keep them loose. We all tend to tighten up considerably right after we finish playing. Stretch that tension and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel the next day.

The second step I’m sure Tiger will implement tonight is to ice any areas with significant pain. Cooling an area increases blood flow and will help it heal faster. Many of these players will even take ice baths at home to revitalize their legs. Getting a good push off the ground in our swing requires cool legs. Many of us rarely play consecutive days, let alone four in a row. By implementing these specific steps, your next round will likely be as successful as the last from a fitness perspective.

Rest is the most valuable element of a healthy return. Make sure that if you play on consecutive days that you get enough rest. If you’re not playing for a few days, make sure you sleep well the day you just played. Many of us wear Apple Watches, Whoops and Fitbits. In doing so, we have learned through technology to monitor our own personal health. Vital information is to fall asleep soon after the tension is really important. The last successful step takes place just before the next turn. Be sure to review those foam rollers or electric massagers daily. We rarely work on our golf bodies between rounds. Allow some time each day to increase your mobility. Do yourself a huge favor and take a few extra minutes before your next round to loosen up those joints as well.

None of the things I mentioned take a lot of time. In fact, the more often you do them, the more efficient you will become. Follow these few steps:

  1. Follow the round with a roller.

  2. Ice the areas that need it.

  3. Choose a little rest.

  4. Add a daily dose of mobility work.

  5. Get moving before the next round.

We may not all be able to play as a tour player on consecutive rounds, but we can all feel as good as one!