A duo from STYAL Golf Club will lead in 2022 an association dedicated to the left-handed golfer.

Alan Lines will be the captain of the British Left Handed Golfers Association in his 63rd year, with David Marriot as vice captain.

The BLHGA is a club which helps to promote, encourage and foster golf, especially for left-handed players.

The mainstay of Styal, whose post was delayed for two years due to the pandemic, was delighted with the opportunity.

Lines said: “Exceptionally, BLHGA captain for 2022 and then 2023, David Marriott, both come from Styal Golf Club.

“We are close friends and delighted to have been chosen by the members.

“This will give an added degree of continuity as it will be easy for us to work together to advance the progress made by BLHGA. ”

Alain Lines

The club, which offers its 152 members the opportunity to play on a variety of courses across the UK, will travel to the National Championships in June which will be held at the Cotswolds Hotel, Spa and Golf.

It will also offer members the chance to become the UK left-handed golfer of the year champion and automatic entry to the biennial left-handed world championship.

Lines, in its 12th year as a member, urged anyone to get in touch with BLHGA, which requires a modest annual subscription of £ 15.

He said: “I would like to emphasize how the BLHGA is a truly eclectic and friendly group.

“Each event is a mix of male and female left-handed members and even right-handed guests!

“It’s usually 27 holes with a nine-hole random pair game in the morning, soup and a sandwich at lunch, then a simple 18-hole Stableford in the afternoon.

“This is then followed by a two-course meal and an award ceremony for each sector to end the day.

“These are very good days, well organized, animated by an elected volunteer committee of the club and always appreciated by golfers who like to compete in good company.

“Finally, remember – everyone is born right-handed. Only the most gifted overcome it!