In May, Kamloops will host the largest disc golf tournament ever seen in Canada.

The Tournament Capital Open (TCO) will be held May 26-29, 2022. The McArthur Island and Rose Hill courses will be used for the event. Kamloops Disc Golf Club (KDGC) Marketing Coordinator and Tournament Director Carrie Neal says the biggest tournament ever had 167 players, so this is going to blow it all up. She is thrilled to help put this after two very slow years.

Neal notes how it evolved from a plan to host the Canadian Women’s Championships, but the pandemic then ruined that idea.

“I really wanted to develop the sport for women and I thought that in 2020 I was going to bring all the women together and organize the Canadian Women’s Disc Golf Championships. But as fate would have it and this pandemic happened, we had to cancel. We started planning for 2021, but we thought people were going to be hungry for golf, so let’s make this the biggest A level we’ve ever had and open it up to everyone. And again, we had to shut it down. So we started planning and digging our heels in and said 2022 had to be the year.

Players will come to Kamloops from across Canada and some will come from the United States. This is a Level A event sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association. “It’s one level below an elite event and then you go into the pro circuit. So that’s the highest level you can get before the pro tour starts.

There will be two pools of players. “We have a professional pool and an amateur pool,” explains Neal. “When full registration opened, over 200 people signed up in 24 hours. We were like, okay, I guess we’re settling for this and the nervousness started to happen. She credits the team that has helped organize the TCO so far and brought it to where it is now. “The City of Kamloops is on board. Tourism Kamloops is on board. It is enormous. Without the backing and support of the city, which they have enjoyed since I started playing Disc Golf 22 years ago, I don’t know if this would be possible. They see the potential of Disc Golf and its growth, so that’s fantastic.

The organizers are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to volunteer their time. He hopes to increase the prize money as it helps attract more players and bigger names to make the trip to Kamloops. Neal says for $50 you can sponsor a hole where they put a sign for a business on the course. They could also use a sponsor to help provide sanitary facilities. Potential volunteers and sponsors can email [email protected] to initiate this process. “When you organize an event like this, you can never have too many sponsors.”

Interested players can register here.