The TXG Tour Experience Golf Toronto has been purchased by the Champion Club of Chicago as part of a deal that opens up a new landscape in the niche but growing custom golf club fitting industry in North America. North.

The company, founded by Ian Fraser in 2011, now has two sites in the GTA, a successful YouTube channel with over 177,000 subscribers and was recently named Golf Magazine’s second-largest club fitter on the continent.

Fraser, who arrived to Canada from Scotland in 2011, has become a prominent voice in club adjustment thanks to his bossy use of technology and pleasant demeanor.

Now he’s taken a crash course in business.

“I don’t come from a business background. I’m a club fitter, I’m a golf guy, ”Fraser told The Star. “To do a business transaction like this I sometimes have to pinch myself when we’re doing what we’re doing, but it’s super exciting. ”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Fraser said the deal will allow his five-year business to grow at the necessary pace, given the popularity of golf in North America during the pandemic.

Fraser said there will be new TXG locations in “several” provinces by the end of the year.

According to data collected by Golf Canada, the national governing body for sport in that country, Canadians have played more golf than ever in the past two years.

And with many golfers choosing not to spend their entertainment budget on long trips, Fraser, who charges $ 1,000 for a full bag fit (not counting the cost of the clubs themselves) said his company doesn’t had never been so busy with 1,600 golfers on a waiting list for clubs to set up.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Fraser said with a laugh. “It’s obscene.”

Fraser said Club Champion, founded in 2010 by Joe Lee and Keith Bank alongside master fitter Nick Sherburne, was an attractive partner because of its “unprecedented success” in growth.

Club Champion will open 95 stores in the United States by the end of the first quarter of 2022 and employ more than 220 people.

“Canada just needs increased access to more TXGs,” he said. “There are a lot of clients who come to Toronto from other provinces or countries and for us it was about reaching them faster.

One big thing that was negotiated, Fraser says, was the retention of TXG-branded stores and its strong social media presence.

Fraser, who personally has nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, says Club Champion doesn’t have as big an online presence as TXG.

The two companies, he says, can now complement each other, with Club Champion helping to develop TXG’s physical activity while Tour Experience Golf can help build Club Champion’s online influence.

“This partnership is about more than the masterful club planning and building services we both provide,” Champion Club CEO Adam Levy said in a statement. “It’s about bringing together two of the most prominent names in the golf equipment industry to promote the best possible clubs, the best possible experience and the best possible service you can find on this side of a map. du Tour. “

Fraser said the club’s champions team were “very respectful” of what his team had built, and everything about TXG will remain the same – from the management team to its social media efforts. Even the technology used by TXG for its equipment (it uses the GCQuad launch monitor while Club Champion uses the Trackman radar system) will remain the same.

“It was a deal that wouldn’t have been made if it compromised everything TXG stood for,” Fraser said, “and they were totally respectful of that and happy to let us be ourselves.”

For TXG consumers, Fraser said the buyout would only mean more good things, with new locations meaning a faster turnaround for clubs.

“We literally couldn’t take another booking for the rest of 2022 and be full. We were packed as a young company, ”said Fraser. “We’ll just be a much more efficient business with the power we have. ”

Club Champion also counts the great champions Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau, Lexi Thompson and Jim Furyk as brand ambassadors. Fraser said future content plans will “definitely” include these athletes and their Tour-level branding.