Donald Trump’s Scottish Golf Courses claimed nearly $ 4 million in aid from the British government in 2020 while he was President of the United States, according to recently released financial documents.

Trump’s failed operations garnered COVID-19 relief during pandemic, The independent reported, although the emoluments clause of the US Constitution prohibits federal officials from accepting payments from foreign governments.

The payments have been itemized in newly published accounts filed with the UK by Golf Recreation Scotland Ltd., the holding company that owns the two golf courses.

Trump Turnberry in Aryshire has called for some $ 3 million in COVID aid in 2020, according to the documents, and Trump International in Aberdeenshire is said to have raised some $ 600,000 in aid in the same year.

Company statements partly blamed the losses on Brexit – which Trump strongly backed – for disrupting supply chains. Despite lavish British subsidies, companies have further downsized.

Former president’s son Eric Trump, who was made head of resorts after his father’s election, defended the foreign government documents, saying in one of the documents they were “useful for keeping as many jobs as possible “.

Nonetheless, he admitted, “the uncertainty of the duration of the support and the sustained impact of the pandemic meant that layoffs were needed to prepare the company for the long-term effects on the hospitality industry.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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