Bowing to liberal media, the Professional Golfers’ Association last year canceled its major annual tournament it had planned at a Trump golf course. This began the PGA-led boycott of Trump’s top-rated golf courses, much to the delight of Trump’s haters.

Golf courses are how Donald Trump makes a living. By boycotting his golf courses, the left is cutting off Trump’s income and financial means to fund his legal defense and political work.

But now Trump is overcoming their boycott. His same PGA-rejected golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, will host a LIV tournament, and many of the top players have moved from the anti-Trump PGA to the pro-Trump LIV.

Greg Norman, a Trump supporter, is the CEO of LIV (pronounced as “live free”). He will also hold another tournament this year at Trump’s golf course in Miami, where tickets have already sold out.

Norman has assembled a group of Trump-friendly golfers who want to make golf even better. The anti-Trump media treats golfers with questions as hostile as they ask Trump.

Whether the vicious liberal boycott of Trump properties – akin to a military blockade – will stand up to Greg Norman’s valiant efforts to violate it remains to be seen. The world of golf has suddenly become a proxy war over Trump’s political future.

The liberal media is ambushing golfers who have moved on to LIV with bizarre questions about playing Trump’s golf courses, something that has never been controversial before. “Lefty” Phil Mickelson, one of the greatest of all time and the biggest name to join LIV, was cheekily asked last month, “How do you feel about playing on the Trump courts?”

It is implicit in this question that someone should have qualms about playing on a golf course owned by Trump. Mickelson replied: “I care more about the quality of the test of golf, the quality of the golf course, the experience of the fans and their ability to see and see the golf, and the challenge of what the site offers players.”

The Liberals are not giving up. When reporters attacked Mickelson again with hostility last week at the British Open, he became more blunt in his response. “Forget it, man. …I couldn’t be happier.

Sergio Garcia, the Spanish golfer with a huge following around the world, played at a Trump charity golf event nearly a decade ago after other celebrities started avoiding Trump. Garcia moved to LIV and announced on Monday that he was leaving the hostile European Tour altogether.

The Scottish Open banned players who switched to LIV-Trump’s side, but a court later issued an injunction allowing them to play. The prestigious Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia has yet to ban any LIV players from its event next spring.

A vocal critic of LIV, Rory McIlroy, led the British Open last weekend much to the delight of anti-Trumpers. Now called the Open Championship, this major tournament was played at the historic St. Andrews course in Scotland, where the game was invented 250 years ago.

But with a record streak of birdies over the last 9 holes, a 28-year-old Australian named Cameron Smith scored a stunning surprise on Sunday. The liberal media was shocked when Smith hinted that he too might be interested in joining LIV and thus participating in his Trump course tournaments.

Trump haters were also apoplectic when NBA great Charles Barkley, a staunch Democrat supporter, emphatically answered a question about his interest in becoming a TV commentator for LIV. “So to answer your question, yes, I will 100% meet LIV.”

Liberals have made the United States dependent on Saudi oil, but suddenly opponents of Trump have a problem with golfers being paid by him. Because LIV is funded by Saudi investments, liberals claim Trump is turning his back on the victims of Saudi Arabia, including a murdered journalist and those who died on 9/11.

But if Trump’s critics consistently oppose Saudi Arabia, they should have complained louder about Obama and Biden’s pilgrimages to the Saudi king and protested the purchase of Saudi oil. The public wants tournaments on Trump’s golf courses, and Trump has spoken out against Saudi misconduct more than any other president.

Greg Norman is doing for professional golf what needs to be done for the NFL and other professional sports whose leaders are more liberal than their fans. Norman, who has been successful as a golfer with 331 weeks as the world No. 1 player, is taking the game from the liberal bullies and giving it back to fans and players.

Players should be able to participate in a LIV tournament at a Trump golf course without fear of reprisal from the liberal-controlled PGA, which Trump said on Monday is the real “treacherous” group. The latest out of the anti-Trump PGA should turn off his lights.

John and Andy Schlafly are the sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations.