Former President Donald Trump will host a fundraiser at his New Jersey golf course for Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is in the midst of the toughest re-election campaign of his political career.

The dinner, to be held Sept. 1 at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, will be followed by an afterparty featuring Fox News commentators at a private residence, according to the invitation. Tickets start at $1,000. For $5,000, a couple can also get photos at the event and an “optional golf opportunity” for $10,000.

The $50,000 package includes private jet transportation from Dallas to New Jersey.

Paxton has long been a strong ally of Trump, having filed an unsuccessful lawsuit in December 2020 in the United States Supreme Court seeking to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory in four battleground states.

The Texas State Bar sued Paxton for the lawsuit, saying he made “dishonest” and “misleading” statements about the existence of widespread voter fraud that could have affected the outcome of the election.

Paxton’s legal troubles don’t end there. As he seeks a third term in November’s general election, the FBI is investigating a complaint accusing him of taking bribes and abusing the power of his office that was filed by his former aides in the fall of 2020. The embattled Republican also faces an unsolved crime. securities fraud charges following a grand jury indictment in 2015.

Paxton has denied any wrongdoing, but Democrats view the race as their overture to claim the first statewide position held by a party member since 1994.

Recent polls have shown Paxton a slight lead over Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza, but the margin between the two has narrowed. The two were eight points apart in a June University of Texas/Texas political draft with Paxton up 37% to Garza’s 29%, and Paxton only two points ahead in a poll Dallas Morning News/UT Tyler this week which showed him with 34 percent to his 32 percent.

Garza is a former ACLU lawyer from Brownsville who, in 2018 won a lawsuit against Paxton and the Trump administration in which she represented a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant in detention seeking access to an abortion. The case resulted in teens in custody receiving what is now known as a “Garza notice” advising them of their right to unhindered process.

Trump endorsed Paxton over Lands Commissioner George P. Bush in the primary election and held an equally extravagant fundraiser for Paxton in September. Paxton defeated Bush with 68% of the vote in the second round of the primaries.

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