If you were to add a few extra yards to your driving game, would you get lower scores? We asked Arccos, who have a huge database based on their gunshot tracking technology, to help shed some light on this.

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Every year new riders hit the market and almost every one promises more distance. And that’s great, nobody wants to hit shorter, but how much would extra distance actually help your game? Well, we now have some very interesting data that reveals the scoring impact that comes from hitting the ball further.

The data in question is for players who increased their average driving distance by 10 meters or more compared to the previous season (one calendar year), and the data was drawn from golfers with a handicap of less than 25 who played at least six rounds per year.

A chart showing data from Arccos Golf

(Image credit: Arccos Golf)

The key finding here is that 81% of golfers who added more than 10 yards off the tee improved their average total strokes gained per round. From these…

  • 65% improved by 1 hit or more
  • 44% improved by 2 or more hits
  • 29% improved by 3 or more hits
  • 17% improved by 4 or more hits

So across this entire group, the total number of strokes won per round improved by an average of 1.80.

Now, it’s worth saying that 10 yards from the tee is a big gain in distance and there are probably several reasons why hitting it further from the tee and shooting lower scores go hand in hand. If you take lessons and improve your club swing, you’ll likely hit the ball farther and straighter.

And likewise, the combination of a proper custom fit for one of golf’s best drivers and replacing older models with newer ones will mean your overall driving game will improve.

Hitting the ball further also requires more speed and this usually improves as your confidence increases. So there might be a bit of a chicken and egg here – which came first, hitting the ball further or shooting lower scores?

The key point is that the data clearly shows a correlation, and the same principle is true in reverse. Golfers who saw their average drive distance decrease by 10 yards or more from the previous season saw their score drop.

65% of players in this group saw their average total strokes gained per round decrease. Of those 65%…

  • 45% declined all at once or more
  • 27% decreased by 2 strokes or more
  • 15% decreased by 3 strokes or more
  • 9% decreased by 4 strokes or more

We suspect that the same factors we have already mentioned above apply in reverse. A loss of confidence is likely to cause you to guide the ball towards your target and a loss of momentum. Injuries and the wrong equipment can also be factors behind these numbers, but it’s very clear that hitting the ball farther and shooting lower scores go hand in hand according to Arccos golfer data. regularly from all over the world.

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