Tyler Ware and Flynn McNabb’s lead was reduced to three strokes after Saturday’s third round of the San Angelo Country Club Men’s Partnership Golf Tournament as they seek a wire-to-wire win on Sunday.

Ware and McNabb had a four-shot advantage after Friday’s second round, but they shot their best score of the week so far in round 2, but still sit at 67-65-68–200 (13 below normal).

Two teams are tied for second place – John Duke Hudson and Colton Williams (68-68-67–203) and Luke Healy and Mike Hills (69-67-67–203).

Tyler Ware, SACC Tournament 2022

Hudson and Williams won the titles in 2019 and 2020, and Hudson is a six-time winner overall. He graduated from Sonora High School and played collegiately for the College of Charleston.

The duos Chad Meeks and Justin Holcomb (70-67-67–204) and Erik Huedepohl and Eric Haddad (67-71-66–204) are tied for fourth, four strokes behind. Meeks is a former Central San Angelo High School tennis player.

Ware and McNabb are shooting for their first SACC title for the first time playing together.

Flynn McNabb, 2022 SACC Tournament

McNabb stood out at Central and the 2019 graduate played briefly at Incarnate Word at San Antonio, an NCAA DI school. He is currently considering his future options and resides in Austin.

Ware moved to San Angelo from Georgetown less than a year ago. He graduated from Texas State University in 2019.

San Angelo Country Club Male Partnership

Saturday’s third round results

NOTE: Will be updated with full results.


Tyler Ware/Flynn McNabb 67-65-68–200

John Duke Hudson/Colton Williams 68-68-67–203

Luke Healy/Mike Hillis 69-67-67–203

Chad Meeks/Justin Holcomb 70-67-67–204

Erik Huedepohl/Eric Haddad 67-71-66–204

AJ Pursley/Travis Klutts 69-67-70–206

Cody Childers/Warren Smith 68-69-70–207

Blake Vinson/Nathan Anderson 69-68-70–207

Zach Drennan/Jack Graves 70-72-67–209

Nash Nelson/Brett Holly 70-68-73–211

Wilson/Tanner Evans case 73-70-69–212

Jim White/Cory Adams 67-72-74–213

Anthony Longoria/Jeffrey Frye 69-71-73–213

Logan Philley/Brett Womack 75-71-68–214


Nathan Pomroy/Reed Stegall 73-68-67–208

Lahne Burns/Zach McCormick 68-71-72–211

John Callahan/Kyle Doby 73-70-70–213

Jason Ball/Marshall Brown 71-72-71–214

Mark Vega/Travis McMahon 68-75-71–214

Jason Trowbridge/Kevin Cartledge 72-75-67–214

Coleman Coon/Zach Coon 73-68-74–215

RT Mackie/Brandon Doremus 71-70-74–215

Steve Jones/Tim Walker 77-70-70–217

Jason McMillan/Kevin Dusek 73-75-71–219

Cade Custer/Troy Jenike 77-77-71–225

Michael Kotze/Travis Tucker 81-74-71–226


Spencer Plagens/Marcus Cook 75-72-70–217

Carson Cummings/Kevin Burns 71-69-79–219

Colby Meeks/Charles Hartzke 73-72-74–219

Cooper Hogg/Jamin Burke 72-75-73–220

Chris Evatt/Cole Mikulik 69-71-78–220

Keith McCutchen/Sterling Abbott 77-72-72–221

Ryan Albert/Drew Pigg 73-77-72–222

Michael Folmar/Austin Chambers 75-74-74–223

Wes Evans/Steve Bennett 72-78-75–225

Lance Velez/Mike Gonzales 74-76-76–226

Brantley King/Riley King 79-76-75–230

Gilbert Velez/Clint Adams 78-75-77–230

Bart Johnson/Kyle Deshazo 73-77-81–231

Bill Burford/Benny Granger 82-75-75–232


Trey Dendy/Dana Tomlinson 78-75-67–220

Brad Thompson/Bryan Thompson 77-73-72–222

Mike McMillan/Justin Hoelscher 73-76-74–223

Mason Vaughn/Nathan Jimenez 74-77-72–223

Steven Brooks/Cody Cauley 72-75-77–224

Chaney McBee/Jacob Hagan 74-78-73–225

Chase Hord/Katlin Horwood 79-69-77–225

Larry Coon/Odus Wittenburg 78-78-74–230

Doug Chitsey/David Vance 73-78-79–230

Nick Wisniewski/Gile Sloan 80-78-73–231

Craig Ellwanger/John Granaghan 75-79-77–231

Jackson Duncan/Jason Calhoun 81-78-75–234

Jean Paul Boissé/Lance Brock 75-78-87–240

Randy Crooks/Will Henderson 83-84-80–247

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