A basketball fan sank a 94-foot putt to win $50,000 during a break during an NBA game on Friday night. The fan, snatched from the crowd during the game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets at the Moda Center, received a blow to sink the putt all over the court and duly inserted it.

The promotion, run by Directors Mortgage, is giving a fan a chance at the huge putt while players are off the field in a timeout. The ball is placed at one end of the field with a house model on the opposite end line. To win, the fan must pass the ball through the front door of the house approximately 94 feet away. Some fans took to Twitter to say they had never seen anyone make the putt before, with others suggesting the fan should be given $1 million, not to mention $50,000, although it seemed like enough. satisfied with its price.

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Portland had a sorry season, with All Star guard Damian Lillard missing much of the season through injury. They are 12th in the Western Conference with a record of 27 wins and 46 losses.

The matchup with Houston, which is dead last in the West at 19-55, was probably the least notable game of an NBA action-packed Friday night, with both teams already out of play-off contention. However, thanks to the incredible talent of ‘David’, it was the game basketball and golf fans were talking about.