Opening of the golf course

Whitefish Lake Golf Club is now open for daily play. The later than normal opening date was product of the coldest April on record for Montana. When it is so cold and we have occasional snow, it is almost impossible to prepare the course for play. The ground temperature must reach over 50 degrees before the grass begins to actively grow and recover. of winter and cold nights that don’t happen.

The bridge is preparing to open

The hugely popular Whitefish Lake Golf Club rig is tentatively set to officially open May 7, just in time for the season-opening golf tournament. Let’s all hope the weather cooperates and we get back to normal temperatures soon so we can all enjoy some relaxing time on deck.

Mike Combs new superintendent

As Dick Collins retired last winter after 44 years at the helm, WLGC’s new green superintendent Mike Combs has taken over the upkeep of what is one of golf’s busiest facilities. of State. Mike brings 26 years of varied experience to Whitefish with his most recent tenure at Buffalo Hills Golf Club in Kalispell. Mike was raised in Flathead and played golf for Flathead High School in the mid 80’s and is an excellent player. You may notice a few small changes as Mike takes over the operation. We all welcome Mike Combs to Whitefish and look forward to working with him in the next phase of WLGC’s history.

The wind blows

The wind removed the tree on the left side and about 70 yards from the green on the par five 16th hole of the north course a few weeks ago, and the plans, for now, are to see how the game is affected by the absence of this tree. So far, I haven’t heard many complaints about the tree disappearing.

Beginners need your help

As we have several new beginners this year, it would be really helpful for all golfers, new and old, to introduce yourself so they can begin to recognize you when checking in for your tee time. This will help speed up the process by making everything run more smoothly as we enter high season.

Avoid wet areas with your trolley

Emerging turf is even more susceptible to wear and tear from traffic as it begins to grow. Please avoid all wet areas and follow the timings of the road signs. For now, we have limited carts to paths only on holes 6-13 on the South Course.