On Tuesday, November 16, PGA TOUR players and their families mobilized to compete in the 9th edition of the Wiffle Ball Classic organized by the PGA TOUR Wives Association and RSM Classic. A tournament week tradition that typically benefits various local Georgia charities, proceeds from this year’s wiffle ball game were donated to the Firebox initiative. When Southern Soul BBQ, a staple on St. Simons Island, burned down in 2010, the local community mobilized to bring this restaurant back to life. Inspired by generosity and community spirit, the FireBox initiative now helps other families in the service sector in need of emergency assistance.

The playing conditions were ideal and the tight score throughout each set proved that both teams were ready to play. Kids from families who received help from the Firebox Initiative played on both teams and made a huge impact on the pitch with solid defensive play and a few hits.

The game remained close until the boys’ team pulled away in the 5th inning, scoring 5 points and winning the title with a final score of 14-7. Team Captains Stewart and Lisa Cink congratulated the players from both canoes for their efforts, including the $ 12,000 raised for the FireBox initiative.

“It’s always so fun and incredibly impactful to be a part of the Wiffle Ball Classic here at the RSM Classic every year. We have the opportunity to meet amazing families, have fun competing against our guys and make a real difference in the community, ”said Lisa Cink, team captain and member of the PGA TOUR Wives Association.

The event wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of Game Director Sarah McGirt, a sponsorship of the Davis Love Foundation, International Golf Logistics (IGL), The Boardman Group, Frederica Academy, Guarantee Trust Life (GTL ), The Westin Jekyll Island, Cherise Cartwright, Trotland Group, Yeti and Schuster Custom.

The PGA TOUR Wives Association is a 501 (c) 3 charity organized to assist children in need and their families through financial contributions and charity events. Established in 1988, the PGA TOUR Wives Association is made up of the spouses and relatives of PGA TOUR players who provide assistance in communities through the PGA TOUR calendar.