So much has been made about the battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. The tournaments appeared to start and end with questions about the golf’s new name, with everyone in golf asked about their thoughts on the Saudi-backed competition.

The LIV Golf League is a new competition backed by Saudi money that started at the Centurion Club in London in June. Eight events are scheduled for 2022, while 10 tournaments are scheduled for 2023. With a whopping $225 million in prize money up for grabs, it’s no wonder so many players have chosen to make the switch.

Meanwhile, the Professional Golfer’s Association of America was founded in 1929, now known as the PGA atyouafter its inception in 1968. With over 700 tournaments held each year, the non-profit organization seeks to provide a range of opportunities for its members.

While the PGA Tour has much, much more history behind it than the new LIV Golf League, the amount of money behind the latter will entice players to make the switch. After all, professional golfers, like any sportsman, will only be able to play at the top for so long, which means the lure of earning enough to support themselves for the future will always be a major draw.

Of course, if big names like Rory McIlroy continue to question the LIV Tour, it may not take off the way the organizers would like. But others betting tipsters predict this will be the biggest tour of all in a few years.

However, while some players are fiercely opposed to the idea of ​​this new league, what if the vast majority of world-class talent makes the switch? Suddenly sponsors will be wondering if they’re getting their money’s worth with a lack of talent on show, more players will make the switch, and that will see game pots and viewership dwindle.

While there are likely to be some players who will stick with the PGA Tour completely should that happen, people won’t want to watch the same small group of players every time. A lack of world-class players at a tournament will see viewers switch to LIV Golf instead.

The main stumbling block for LIV Golf right now is the fact World Ranking Points are not currently offered at the tournament. These ranking points grant access to the four Majors of the world of golf, which are considered the pinnacle of the game.

LIV Golf is currently trying to win Official World Golf Ranking Accreditationbut it is believed that their 54-hole format could be a major sticking point in this discussion.

Until LIV Golf provides players with world ranking points, it prevents the majority of players from making the switch. However, if they are allowed to be accredited and the stock market remains so attractive, then LIV Golf could still become the biggest name in golf.