I guess if you’re a living legend like willie nelsonyou eventually get to a certain point in your career where you can pretty much do whatever you want.

And the red-haired foreigner bought his own golf course at the time, so he could go play it in the middle of his studio sessions while sound engineers mixed his songs after laying down the vocals.

Called the Pedernales Country Club, but better known as Willie Nelson’s cut’n putt (seriously) it’s located in Lake Travis, about 29 miles west of Austin, and the property has a 9-hole course.

You’ll even find some very Willie hysterical rules for the course on the homepage, such as:

“Gambling is prohibited, of course, unless you’re stuck or need a legal deduction for charitable or educational expenses.”

“No bikinis, miniskirts, skimpy see-through garments or sexually exploitative attire are permitted. Except on women.

To be honest there were quite a few more but I really didn’t know what most of them meant and I’ve never set foot on a real golf course, maybe twice in my life.

Willie actually bought the complex in 1979, where he also built a studio on the property. The first project released from this studio was his 1983 album More resistant than leather, as well as his collaboration with Merle Haggard, Pancho and Lefty later that same year.

And his son, Lucasis an avid golfer himself, having started playing the sport around the age of five when he started playing with his father.

He sat on a recent podcast episode of the The Erik Anders Lang Showwhere he talked a bit about this specific course and why Willie wanted to buy it, even though it was quite a while before he was born:

“It was right next to the studio he was recording in, so he liked that he could cut a track, and then while they were engineering and mixing everything, he’ll play nine holes and come back and listen to it.

Cut and putt, you cut a lead and out… cut a lead then go play.

Willie seriously bought the country club so he could go golfing while he waited for his newly recorded songs to be mixed and engineered to perfection (hence Cut ‘N Putt)…men.

And Lukas says Willie really doesn’t take golf seriously and prefers to be really laid back on the course, using it more as an escape outside of the music than anything else (in case that wasn’t really obvious by some of the rules):

“Dad is very flippant about it, extremely flippant. The technical part was never really a factor. He’s really, you know, the epitome of feel golf versus technical golf with him.

Music is our thing, and so we’re okay with continuing to feel.

Lukas also did a little a cappella of “Just Outside of Austin” on the episode, which is a former Whiskey Riff Song of the Week and one of my personal favorites:

Here’s an acoustic rendition of the whole song by Lukas, Willie and his other son Micah, since Willie’s Cut ‘N Putt is really “just outside of Austin”: