SINGAPORE: A woman admitted on Wednesday May 18 to smashing her former lover’s car with a golf club after she walked through the gate to enter his home.

Zhou Dani, 37, pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and mischief. Another charge of criminal intimidation, for sending the man a threatening text message that read “I’m going to kill y’all b*******”, will be considered for sentencing.

The judge ordered a report to assess Zhou’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order, which orders an offender with certain treatable psychiatric conditions to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Defense attorney CK Teo said his client had been diagnosed with adjustment disorder and his psychiatrist believed there was a contributory connection to the offences. He said she was receiving treatment.

The court heard that Zhou and the victim, a 46-year-old man, had been romantically involved in the past. They had known each other for about four and a half years at the time of the offenses last year.

The incident began with Zhou arriving at the victim’s home around 8:30 p.m. on September 1, 2021. She took photos of the residence and sent them to him on WhatsApp.

“She was moved by the state of the relationship between the victim and herself and intended to try to coerce the victim into a commitment to her, even though the victim was married and had a child,” they wrote. said court documents.

“Referring to a previous claim she had made that she had two children with the victim, (Zhou) demanded on WhatsApp that the victim leave his home.”

When the victim refused, Zhou repeatedly rang the doorbell, attracting the attention of the victim’s family members who were caring for her. The victim urged Zhou not to cause trouble, but she did not leave.

At around 9:15 p.m., Zhou climbed over a door and entered the residence. She sent the victim a photo of her car, threatening to “run him over”, as well as the main door. She also threatened to kill the victim’s mother if he didn’t come out.

Minutes later, she took a golf club belonging to the victim and smashed his car and the windows of his house, smashing the club in the process.

This caused over S$18,000 in damages, including over S$17,000 for car damage alone.

The police were called. Zhou was still breaking the windows of the victim’s home when they arrived around 9:45 p.m.

She stopped by order of the police and confessed to them that she had drunk beer before. She was arrested shortly thereafter.

Zhou said she was willing to compensate for damages if the victim agreed to see her, according to court documents.

When the criminal intimidation charge was read to him on Wednesday, Zhou added that the victim had sent similar messages to him in the past.

“Every time we argued, he threatened to cut off my limbs and lock me in a cage,” she told the court through an interpreter. Later, she admitted all the charges.

The prosecution did not oppose the defense’s request for a mandatory treatment order report.

By way of mitigation, Mr Teo said his client felt “humiliated” when the victim refused to come out of the house to see her.

The attorney said “things got out of hand” after the victim called Zhou “crazy” and “mentally evil” in front of his family members.

“It’s not the behavior of someone controlling their senses,” he said.

Zhou will undergo an evaluation at the Institute of Mental Health and return to court for sentencing next month.