Cadiz Women’s Golf League

On June 15, the game of the day for the Cadiz Women’s Golf League was “Strange ball.” The hostesses were Denise Augustine and Bonnie Beetham.

The winning team in Flight A consisted of Marilyn Kenny, Kathy Newburn, and Judy Crawshaw; the winning B-flight team consisted of Bonnie Beetham, Denise Augustine, and Donna Griffin; and the winning C-Flight team consisted of members Glenda Sensel, Sandy Terek, and Patty Stewart.

Kathy Newburn and Roberta Cireddu are tied for the winners of the first putt, while Janis Cook, Bonnie Beetham and Diane Berardinelli are tied for the second. Marilyn Kenny and Kathy Newburn had birdies, and Janis Cook and Joanne Hardman had chips.

The hostesses for the next play will be Marsha Porter and Linda Tyson, and the play of the day will be “Net low plus half total putts.”

The Cadiz Women’s Golf League Game of the Day on June 22 was “Net score plus half putts.”

The hostesses were Marsha Porter and Linda Tyson. The winners of the play of the day were: first place, Carole Patton; second place, Donna Griffin; and third place, Roberta Cireddu.

Carole Patton, Sherry Sapon and Billie Stanwick had chips, while Roberta Cireddu, Sherry Sapon, Carole Patton and Judy Crawshaw had birdies. The putt winners are Donna Griffin, 29; Billie Stanwick, 32; and Sherry Sapon, 32.

Next week’s hostesses are Glenda Sensel and Jane Galigher. The piece of the day will be “Blind Partners – Low Net.”

Highland Springs Women’s Golf League

On June 21, the women of the Highland Springs Ladies Golf League played the back nine, and the match was “Low gross.”

The winners of the play of the day were Yuko Atwell, Denise Augustine and Pat Carey. Dottie Virtue was closest to the pin on the second shot of the 14th hole. The award for the 18th hole long drive went to Tammy Cox.

Ruth Lamantia and Tammy Koutsky split the prize for weak putts, having tied with 17 putts each. Ruth Lamantia birdied the 17th hole.

Next week, the women will play the top nine, and the match will be “T, F and S.” Tee-off is at 5:00 p.m. and interested golfers should call the clubhouse by 3:30 p.m. on game day to register.

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