The Yocha Dehe Golf Course is a sight to behold, especially for avid golfers in the Capay Valley and surrounding areas.

The immaculate course reopened in May 2021 after a brief closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been thriving ever since.

“Post-pandemic golf has just been crazy,” said Yocha Dehe Golf Course’s golf manager, Will Foust. “Activity levels were unprecedented before what we had seen during the pandemic. But, we have accepted the challenge over the past few years. For us, it’s about creating that great experience every day.

Yocha Dehe Golf Course is just a fantastic place to play golf.

In 2021, the course was recognized by golfers nationwide as the #1 golf course in the United States in the Golf Pass Top 50 Courses in the United States ranking. In addition, the course also made it to Golfweek’s Top 100 Courses You Can Play for the first time, ranking #80, Golf Advisor Best of List (USA) at #48 and #80. #5 on Golfweek Best Casino golf courses. listing.

In 2022, the course came in at #54 on Golfweek’s Best Resort Golf Courses list.

Having been consistently ranked among the best golf courses in the United States and California, the club is very proud to include its customers in this experience. The Brad Bell-designed facility offers optimal playing conditions and over 7,300 yards of championship golf.

A photo of Yocha Dehe Golf Course. (Courtesy)

How do they do? According to Foust, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation and the course staff have a lot to do with it.

“Our consistency comes down to the tribe taking such good care of us,” Foust said. “The tribe sets very high standards, but they will give you the resources to produce to those standards. It really depends on the employees who are here too. We are very proud of our work. We are really well taken care of. This environment alone allows us to move forward and focus on the business.

“Our golfers are also noticing the smiling faces and the new things we’re doing, and that’s a great thing,” Foust continued. “We are not robots and we don’t act like one. We are human beings here. It’s a team effort, from the owner to every golf course employee.

The course continued with its famous mango-scented cold towels for golfers exiting hole 18. Soon, golfers will also be able to ride in style on the new fleet of golf carts which are expected to debut towards the end of 2022.

As for the events, despite a record number of holes played on their course, the Yocha Dehe Golf Course will soon be in the welcoming mood.

On August 28, the course, in partnership with UC Davis Children’s Hospital, will host Play Yellow, a national golf event started by golfing legend Jack Nicolaus. Fund games and a launch machine will highlight the day’s festivities while 100% of proceeds will go directly to UCD Children’s Hospital.

Another event scheduled for the second weekend in September will be the 8-Inch Cup Tournament.

“It’s great that the whole team working here is enjoying getting back to normal,” Foust said. “We’re in the hospitality business here, so hosting events and getting creative with our planning is fun. It’s a great way to break up the daily grind.

Golfers can always keep up to date with golf events at or follow them on their various social networks.